Taylor Swift is about to take over Spotify

According to recent Spotify numbers, the American singer became the third artist with the most streams on this platform. What exactly does this mean? That Taylor Swift is about to be the most streamed artist in Spotify history. That’s the thing.

What Taylor plays makes it gold, or at least makes it a hit that is heard all over the planet. His talent has translated into a career of accomplishments that no one else has. One of the most impressive is that she just became the third most streamed artist in Spotify history. In other words, Taylor Swift is about to become the most streamed singer in the world.

Spotify recently published who are the artists with the most streams in the history of the platform and the author of anti hero She was only two places away from being number one, but every year she climbs more places than any other singer.

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Can someone stop her?

In last year’s tally, Taylor was in seventh place all-time. She was surpassed by Ariana Grande, Justin Beiber, The Weeknd, Ed Sheeran, Bad Bunny and Drake. For this year, Taylor was only behind the Puerto Rican rapper and singer. As of today, Drake exceeds 55 billion streams, Bad Bunny 49 billion and Taylor is already over 40 billion.

Taylor is on her way to being the top artist on Spotify. Photo: Sarah Morris/FilmMagic/Getty Images

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It might sound like Taylor is still far from number one, but if we take into account that in just one year she had 12 billion streams, we could talk next year about the new historical queen of Spotify. We hope it is.

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