Taylor Swift is reportedly eyeing another multi-million-dollar mansion for this romantic reason

Taylor Swift is reportedly looking to expand her real estate portfolio to include a home on another continent, and her inspiration has to do with a certain NFL player.

According to Sun, the “Midnight Rain” singer is actively looking for a mansion in Europe. On Saturday, the outlet reported that Swift’s team reached out to a Portugal-based realtor on her behalf and inquired about available properties in Portugal, Spain and Morocco. While he currently has homes in New York City, Los Angeles, Tennessee, and London, the world famous musician has yet to join other mega celebrities in owning property in Europe beyond the United Kingdom and enjoying the benefits that come with it. remains.

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Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift – Photo courtesy of Getty Images.Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift – Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift – Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Highlights of each location on your radar? They remain mostly offbeat, away from the media and curious tourists. Swift has been a superstar since she rose to fame, but at the current stage of her career she’s more respected than ever. With her Eras tour being a smash success and her romance with the Kansas City Chiefs’ Travis Kelce making people believe in love again, personal moments are few and far between for Swift at the moment — so it makes sense. That she would like to invest in a property away from the public eye.

Some of the locations on Swift’s list reportedly include Lisbon, Lures, Cascais, Sintra and Estoril in Portugal, all of which offer privacy, charm and spacious homes with luxurious amenities. She has also reportedly been shown properties in Barcelona, ​​Castelldelfels and the Balearic Islands in Spain, where Catherine Zeta-Jones and global stars including Michael Douglas, Lionel Messi, Max Verstappen and Brad Pitt will be among her famous neighbours.

Although it has not yet been confirmed that he has bought a house for him and Kelsey to enjoy together, it is becoming clear that their relationship is quite serious. Although she’s very famous for her many famous ex-girlfriends, Swift has never taken such a big step with another boyfriend before. Real Estate reports, between the couple’s recent dinner date with a close family member and their viral PDA moment from Saturday’s Eras show in Argentina, things are definitely heating up between Swift and Kelsey, and the singer Our hearts are melting after seeing this. Falling in love again – it seems, more than ever.


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