Taylor Swift Receives Honorary Doctorate from New York University

In a purple dress and traditional hat, the American singer received the first university degree of her life at NYU on Wednesday.

Singer Taylor Swift received an honorary doctorate of art from New York University (NYU) on Wednesday May 18. The establishment hailed her as “one of the most prolific and famous artists of her generation” in a press release shared in March.

The pop star addressed the class of 2022 in a speech where she encouraged students to try and do whatever they want without feeling ashamed. For her, the mistakes are as important as the successes. “My mistakes led to the best things in my life, embarrassing yourself when you’re wrong is part of the human experience. Everything will be alright”, she said, taking up the words of her tube shake it off (“It’s gonna be alright”).

I would like to thank NYU for technically, on paper at least, making me a doctor. The singer also used her speech to congratulate the graduates for taking on the challenge of studying during a pandemic.

Taylor Swift was one of three people to receive an honorary degree from the university. This is his first college degree, having started his musical career at age 15, touring radio stations across the United States. “I’ve never had the opportunity to have a normal college experience per se. I went to a public high school until second, then I finished my education by homeschooling on the ground of airport terminals,” said Taylor Swift.

She has now sold over 100 million albums and won the 2021 Grammy for Album of the Year for Folklore , becoming the first woman to win this category three times. His previous victories date back to 2010 for Fearless and 2016 for 1989 .

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