Taylor Swift ‘sneaks’ into Gwyneth Paltrow’s accident trial for her relationship with the actress

The actress Gwyneth Paltrow testified this Friday from the podium of the civil trial facing due to a ski accident in Utah that while he feels “sorry” for his plaintiff, he is not responsible for the problems he is going through.

“I feel very sorry for him, it seems that he has had a very difficult lifebut I didn’t cause the accident, so I can’t be blamed for what happened to him afterwards,” Paltrow said during the fourth day of the trial.

The ‘Shakespeare in Love’ actress is being sued for $300,000 accused of colliding with Terry Sanderson, a retired optometrist, when the two were skiing down a slope at Deer Valley Resort in Utah in 2016.

Sanderson filed the lawsuit against the actress in 2019 alleging that Paltrow had hit him “for skiing out of control“and that the accident left him with a concussion, four broken ribs and a brain injury durable.

In addition, he assured that after the accident the Oscar winner abandoned him without giving him his name or a word. telephone contact so that I could contact her in case of need help.

In its version of events completely opposite to that of the 76-year-old man, Paltrow said that she was enjoying a day of skiing with her family when she felt a hit his back that knocked her to the ground.

“My head was trying to make sense of what was happening,” Paltrow said, detailing that for a moment it was “frozen“and thought it could be a act of sexual harassment.

This Friday, Paltrow affirmed that the accident was not a “hit and run”as he assured that once the incident was over, he waited for the man to get up and confirm that he was fine, before leaving the scene to meet again with his family.

He also commented that due to the “anger” and “displeasure” that the accident caused him, he yelled at Sanderson: “You skied directly against my fucking back!“, and apologized for having”cursed“back then.

Paltrow countersued Sanderson after receiving the lawsuit in 2019 for a dollar, plus attorneys’ fees. However, surely both the interpreter and her lawyer did not expect the sanderson’s attorney Kristin VanOrman, asked if they had been inspired by Taylor Swift.

And it is that the singer put in 2015 a popular sexual assault countersuit to ex Dj David Mueller for the symbolic amount of one dollar in damages and losses. Finally the artist ended up winning the trial in 2017 after years of struggle.

“You found out about that from Taylor Swift You asked for a token dollar in damages, right?” Sanderson’s lawyer asked Paltrow. To which the actress replied: “I wasn’t familiar with that, but I’ve been ever since.”

After Paltrow denied it, VanOrman asked the interpreter if they were “good friends“, to which Paltrow replied:” No, I would not say that we are good friends, just we get alongI took my children to one of their concerts, but we don’t talk very often“.

The lawyer continued her questioning by asking, “Have you ever given Ms. Swift personal and intimate gifts for Christmas?”, referring to a promotional video of her brand, Goop, in which Paltrow appears preparing Christmas gifts for various celebrities, including Taylor Swift, whom give a vibrator.

Before the interpreter could respond to his unfortunate questionthe judge, Kent Holmberg, interrupted to the plaintiff’s lawyer, concluding the interrogation.

the trial started on tuesday january 21 and among the witnesses who have spoken are people close to the plaintiff, such as two of his daughters, who have assured that the life and personality of their father changed abysmally since the accident.

The actress’s children, Moses and Apple, who were with their mother the day of the accident, as well as some of the Deer Valley Resort staff, are expected to testify next week. In addition, it will also review a animated reconstruction of the events.

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