Taylor Swift to the Mexican regional with Carín León? This said the singer

The interpreter spoke about the alleged collaboration with Taylor Swift

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Will Taylor Swift and Carín León work together?

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Between musical genres there are fewer and fewer borders and one more example of this is lThe news about a Taylor Swift project with the regional Mexican singer, Carín León.

A surprise for many, since the Mexican regional continues to overcome international barriers and now everything indicates that Taylor Swift and Carín León will share a special project.

And although some fans thought that it would be a duet or musical collaboration, the interpreter clarified that things were not going that way.

“It is not a collaboration, it is their project where we are there. We have many plans for this 2023 to try to do a bit of crossover and look for more of an Anglo audience”, expressed Carín León in a meeting with the media.

For now, stay incognito what kind of project will Taylor Swift and Carín León have but Without a doubt, the idea raises a lot of expectations among the followers of both singers, who will have to wait and see what will happen.

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