Taylor Swift: When and where will ‘1989 TV’ album be released?

Taylor Swift: When and where will ‘1989 TV’ album be released? (Photo: Taylor Swift Facebook).

Everyone and everyone is waiting! Taylor Swift has announced the release of a re-recording of her hit album “1989”. Know more details.

Taylor Swift, The famous American singer-songwriter continues to make history in the music industry. One of his highlights is his album “1989”which will now be relaunched “1989 TV”, a gift to his millions of followers. This discography, originally released in 2014, marked a turning point in Swift’s career, as she abandoned her main focus on country to embrace pop in surprisingly successful ways.

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The 33-year-old artist initially revealed the date of his new album on a giant screen at one of his concerts on ‘The Eras Tour’ in Los Angeles (United States). And now this August 10th, the exact launch date has been revealed to the public via their social networks and how they can tease it apart.

“Surprise!!! 1989 (Taylor’s Edition) is on the way! The pop star wrote, “The 1989 album changed my life in countless ways and I’m so excited to announce that my version of it will be released on October 27th.”

She continued, “To be honest, this is my favorite re-recording because Walt’s 5 tracks are amazing. I can’t believe they’re behind us. But not for long. Pre-order 1989 (Taylor’s version) here my website”. Everyone is waiting to enjoy the songs of Taylor Swift.

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Taylor Swift and her album “1989”: what does this mean?

The album is named after the year of his birth. Taylor Swift (13 December 1989) and is inspired by the pop music of the eighties. It is a marked change from her focus on country music on her previous albums, and the singer herself considers it her “first officially documented pop album”. Now in the re-recording, the artist will capture all his talents to bring Swifties alive again.

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