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A TikTok video recently went viral in which two interviews that were carried out with Taylor Swift in 2012 and 2019, the most modern by Zane Lowe and the oldest was made by Ellen Degeneres. It is precisely against the latter that the model Emily Ratajkowski has charged in a comment that she has left in the publication.

The interview is from 2012 and it has reached even greater repercussion now, since it seems that that silence of years against the famous presenter has been broken since ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ was canceled after several public denunciations of its despotic and abusive attitude and a broader analysis by viewers of how he behaved with the guests.

DeGeneres was known for pushing her interviewees in a way that made them and some fans uncomfortable. Taylor Swift’s example went viral when a Tik Tok user put together two videos of the singer.

Ellen DeGeneres’ interview has generated controversy again 11 years later, and Taylor Swift appears very uncomfortable, sitting in a chair while images of famous men -such as Taylor Lautner, Justin Bieber, Joe Jonas and Justin Timberlake- flashed on the screen behind them.

On the show, Elleno Demands Taylor Swift to admit who she writes about in her songs. “I do not want that”Swift replies uncomfortably. Meanwhile, the presenter offers her a bell to ring every time the singer comes across a photo of one of the men she had dated.

The interpreter of ‘Anti-Hero’ asks the presenter to stop all this because she wants to keep “the bit of dignity” that she still keeps. “I don’t want to. They’re going to send me angry emails and I don’t want to receive them. Enough, enough! This makes me feel so bad about myself… Every time I come here you put a different guy on screen for me and it really makes me rethink what I stand for as a human being,” the artist notes. However, Ellen picks up the bell and rings it herself.

A few years later, in his 2019 interview with Lowe, the singer opened up about how, when she was younger, people used to “reduce” her to the people she dated, “making presentations of my love life and putting people there that I once sat next to at a party.” In addition, she added: “It’s a way of minimizing a woman who just does her job and manages to do her job and do things, in a way you’re going to completely minimize that ability.”

What their fans think

Now after Tik tok has gone viral there are many who have criticized the attitude of the presenteramong them the famous model Emily Ratajkowski wrote: “This is so fucked up. She is literally begging him to stop.”. “Incredible”, wrote the influencer Tinx, while another user said: “You can literally hear how upset she is in her voice.” A third wrote: “She is visibly upsetbut having to ‘play’ that she’s laughing because an audience of people are laughing at her.”

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