Taylor Swift’s most stormy romance

talk about Taylor Swift To refer to one of the greatest contemporary artists who has conquered practically the whole world with his music.

His songs have influenced not only young people, but also adults in public – we have the famous case of Supreme Court Justice Minister, arturo zaldivarThose who have publicly declared themselves fiery at heart have fallen in love with her music, making her one of the most influential and important artists worldwide.

Her followers have turned her songs into hymns of both love and heartbreak, many of which were written by Taylor herself, who has drawn on her experiences of relationships as the best source of inspiration for creating such tunes.

It is notorious and well known that with whom of her former partners she has had intense and intense romances, she has dedicated songs to them because Taylor, in addition to being a significant celebrity, is deeply infatuated and, like any other human being, enjoys He is and also suffers. in love.

So, to keep up with the excitement of her recent visit to our country, today we look back at some of her most infamous and controversial relationships, as well as the songs she wrote and dedicated to her at the time. Are.

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12 years have passed since this romance. It was 2011 when cupid’s eye fell on Taylor, who was then 20 years old, with actor Jake GyllenhaalWho was 28 years old.

At first, there were only rumors that revolved around the alleged relationship between the couple, but there was no official confirmation from either of them. Yes, they were seen together, they even enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner with Jake’s sister Maggie that year, but by December, everything was over.

They spent Christmas and New Years, as well as their respective birthdays (both in December), apart.

One of the best defining features of this relationship is that it was intermittent between coming and going. Despite this, it meant a lot to Taylor, to the extent that she wrote more than one song, including: ‘All Too Well’, ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’, ‘The Moment I Knew’ and ‘State of Grace’…

According to her closest circle, Taylor had to endure a lot for Gyllenhaal, to the extent that she earned the “eternal hatred” of Swifties, who castigated the actor for hurting their idol.

Being much younger, Taylor had a relationship with the actor and musician for a few months John MayerWho is 12 years older than him. Their first contact happened when she recorded the duet ‘Half of My Heart’ with him.

From there, they fell in love and began a relationship, which by all accounts was not very gratifying for Taylor, as after breaking up with him, she dedicated the song “Dear John” to him, in which she accused him of being an abuser. described as having and cunning. And to take advantage of someone who is much younger than him.

‚ÄúDear John, I understand now that it was all a mistake. Don’t you think that 19 years old was too young to fall prey to your dark and devious games when I loved you so much? I should have imagined it”, reads one of the most controversial portions of the song.

Of course, John didn’t miss an opportunity to defend himself by calling the song “cheesy” during an interview with Rolling Stone magazine. Plus, he played along with Swift and responded with the song ‘Paper Doll,’ in which he sings: “You’re like 22 girls together and none of them know what they’re doing. Was it too much to fall for a little paper doll?

After her fleeting relationship with John, Taylor found refuge with ex in the same direction, Harry Styles, Together they became one of the spoiled couples of the masses, especially the youth. However, the months-long relationship ended due to alleged infidelity on Harry’s part.

Taylor repeated the formula and found that music was the best remedy for catharsis for what had happened to her, so in the form of a song, or rather songs, she expressed that after dating the English composer How hurt she was, especially because she was so comfortable with courtship.

Thanks to this relationship, Taylor gave us several musical hits, including: ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’, ‘Style’, ‘Wonderland’, as well as ‘Maroon’ and ‘Question…?’, both songs . From the album ‘Midnight’.

Another early relationship that meant a lot to Taylor was when she dated Joe Jonas, They met when she went on tour with hermanos jonas By the United States when she was taking her first steps in pop music – let’s remember that Swift started out in country music.

Living with the brothers brought Taylor and Joe closer to begin a courtship that lasted a few months. The relationship concluded with a 25-second call from Joe to Taylor.

That heartbreak was the inspiration for him to dedicate the songs ‘Forever’ and ‘Always Better Than Revenge’.

Despite the bickering, the two have maintained a cordial relationship, including with Joe’s wife, the actress sophie turnerSwift, whom she has described on more than one occasion as a great singer and talented artist.

Taylor Swift has matured more over the years and her most recent relationship is proof, which ended tragically a few weeks ago. Taylor ends relationship with English actor after six years and break on not the best terms Joe Alvin,

This ‘couple goal’ won the affection of the public for the wonderful rapport that they managed to build during their six-year relationship; Besides a couple, they also served as friends and colleagues, as he joined Taylor’s creative genius on more than one occasion and co-wrote several songs with her that are now hits for the singer, such as ‘Champagne Problems’ , ‘Coney Island’ and ‘Betty’, among others.

Despite his intervention, the singer has not neglected her role as a writer and there are several songs she has dedicated to her now ex-boyfriend, such as ‘Lover’, ‘Gorgeous’, or ‘London Boy’. ‘, Other.

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