Taylor Swift’s original style keeps changing with each new album

Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift He is one of the most valuable artists, Most Liked and Most FollowedProof of this is that whenever tickets for one of his concerts go on sale, the queues are endless and many of his fans want to enjoy it live, though luckily there are some lucky ones who get a second chance as it makes it to the list. expands. of music festivals.

His life has marked his discography, the tone of his songs and his confusion regarding love, but his discography has also marked his style. Taylor lives each project in its totality, her music reflects her life… and her life does the same to her music.

That’s why it’s not unusual that, with every campaign in the market, Swift has revealed something new about herself, Something different. Her makeover has followed a similar path to the evolution of her art.

Taylor Swift’s Transformation

she’s quite a pop star now, but she was Thanks to the country as soon as it became known, Born in Pennsylvania, she moved to Nashville at the age of 14, which influenced her first steps in the world of music. Their debut album (2006), self-titled, ventured into this territory, but so did the next album ‘Fearless’ (2008), with which their triumph really began.

this time taylor strengthened them Southern belle with a country lookShe wore long, blonde hair with natural curls. With his next album, Speak Now (2010), he would not only embrace his most romantic side, but his cutest dresses With particular relevance to purple.

She wears the most feminine outfits with a classic look, in fact, the retro styled look would become her trademark with ‘Red’ (2012). High-waisted skirt and pants, a 40s and 50s-inspired look, and, above all, her red lipstick, which would be her hallmark. Became the queen of style, ‘1989’ (2014) will come, glitter, crop tops, miniskirts… The artist opted for pop music, but also showed her sexiest side.

With ‘Reputation’ (2017) he did not shy away from controversies and she exposed her hottest and darkest side, She chose a look filled with black, leather and metallic details, lace, sequins… and an intimidating attitude, with lyrics about confidence and revenge. This coincided with his bitter feud with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

That stage was left behind with ‘Lover’ (2019), Joe Alvin walks into her life and the artist believes in love again And they did it by betting on romantic cuts and pastel colors, especially pink.

‘Folklore’ and ‘Evermore’ came about without much difference in time and perhaps that is why they share part of their essence, With autumnal touches and even ‘cottagecore’ This is also reflected in her attire, minimal, neutral, natural. He seems to have put it aside during his Taylor edition when, in order not to lose all his music, he decided to re-record it and thus keep the rights. He also wore the ‘Avenger costume’ on television.

‘Midnights’ is their latest album, which promised to be the successor to ‘Lover’, but its emotional breakup has turned into something different. sequins, glitter and tight suits They light up the artist with each performance, which promises to be a spectacular show on stage.

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