Taylor Swift’s return to the big screen

Seven years after “Joy”, director David O. Russell (“Happiness Therapy”) returns with a promising new film. We already knew it since 2020: Margot Robbie, Christian Bale and John David Washington are the main interpreters. But a few months before its release, the distributors tell us more.

Important point: “Amsterdam” will mark the return to the cinema of Taylor Swift, who will play a secondary role, three years after “Cats” by Tom Hopper, and twelve years after her debut in front of the camera in “Valentine’s Day”.

If the first trailer is not yet public, it was shown recently by Disney, during CinemaCon, as reported by several American media. According to “USA Today Entertainment”, the popstar appears at the end, dressed in black, surrounded by Christian Bale and Chris Rock, crying over a coffin.

A first image was nevertheless unveiled by 20th Century Studios on social networks. It shows Christian Bale (almost unrecognizable), Margot Robbie, brunette and bobbed for the occasion, and John David Washington in very 30s looks.
Alongside Taylor Swift, Margot Robbie – who we will also discover in Barbie in 2023 -, Christian Bale and John David Washington, we will find an XXL cast: Robert de Niro, Chris Rock, Anya Taylor-Joy, Rami Malek, Zoe Saldana, Mike Myers, Michael Shannon, and even the Belgian Matthias Schoenaerts.

The story, presented as a “romantic criminal epic”, takes place in the 1930s. The three main characters “find themselves at the center of one of the most secret conspiracies in American history”, reveals “Variety”. The three main protagonists will be a nurse, a doctor and a lawyer who, after meeting in Belgium and witnessing a murder, have made a pact never to let each other down.

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