Teachers recovered from COVID, do they perform other duties? “Promote didactic continuity”, Circular USR Marche to Executives

There is a lot of confusion on the vaccination timing front for teachers who have recovered from COVID. A Note from USR Marche tries to provide clarifications, but the problem is upstream and the Ministry does not intervene to clarify what to do, putting students’ didactic continuity at risk.

What is it about

Day by day there is an increase in reports of teachers who, after contracting COVID, are expelled from classes because “not in compliance with vaccination obligations”. In reality, the question is much more complex than one might think. These are teachers who have not been vaccinated or vaccinated but cured of COVID who are in default of their obligations because the Ministerial control system marks them with a red stamp. The reason? Unvaccinated teachers are out of obligation after just 90 days of recovery, while the “bidosati” default after 120 days. And this despite the fact that their green pass is valid for 180 days by law.

Didactic chaos

This has forced many managers, albeit with a valid green pass, to use these teachers in other tasks, with damage to teaching continuity, without considering the approach of the ballots and state exams.

The alternation of attempts at interpretation and clarifications

There is no doubt, if the sticker is red (according to the Ministry’s SIDI) you cannot enter the classroom and I use you in other tasks (there is the library to be rearranged). This was the first interpretation given by USR Marche on May 2nd. Note that it had become a point of reference in interpreting a Ministerial FaQ. FaQ which, in reality, provides such vague indications as to give no indication.

The USR Veneto, for its part, interpreted in this way “teachers who are not vaccinated and cured of SARS-CoV-2 infection will be able to carry out educational activities in contact with the pupils by showing the vaccination deferral certificate issued by their GP or suitable documentation certifying the cure and such as to allow the Headmaster to verify the timing for fulfilling the obligation, in force until 15 June.

The new circular of USR Marche, didactic continuity and the justification

On May 10, USR Marche releases a new Circular with clarifications on the management of school staff with a certificate of recovery. The Circular refers to the sad FaQ of the Ministry and provides indications to the Executives, underlining that it is up to them to “verifies compliance with the vaccination obligation through the SIDI function, with consequent determinations, without prejudice to the ascertained cases in which the employee presents justifying causes.

In short, if SIDI marks you with a red dot and in theory you cannot enter the classroom, you will not be used in the library to rearrange books if you have a “justifying cause“.

Question, being cured of COVID and having passed 90 days or 120 days (the green pass, however, is valid), represents a “justifying cause“? It is not clear.

Instead, it is clear (indeed, it can be read clearly) that School Managers are invited to “adopt any useful action in order to favor the maintenance of didactic continuity with attention also to the continuation of the didactic paths in place in the classes“.

The Ministry does not intervene

Why is the teacher stamped as defaulting after 90 or 120 days with a valid green pass? Can these teachers, with valid green pass, but with stamps, continue teaching by bringing their students to the end of the school year and guaranteeing didactic continuity? These would be the questions a Ministry FaQ would have to answer. In any case, common sense would say yes, SIDI says no, USRs do what they can to guarantee a sacrosanct right, which is that of didactic continuity.

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