Team Cuba to the World Classic CRUSHED Farmers

By Robiel Vega

The Cuba team for the World Classic, with some members of the preselection, defeated the Agricultores team 10×4, which will represent Cuba in the Caribbean Series in a preparation match agreed to seven innings.

An inning later they fell on the lefty’s shipments. They connected him with four consecutive hits: Andrys Pérez, Luis Vicente Mateo, Roel Santos and Yoelkis Guibert; the latter with a double by rule brought two. Yurisbel Gracial with grounding to third and Alfredo Despaigne, with a sacrifice fly, drove in the other two from the inning, already before Yoel Mojena’s shipments.

Mojena managed to stop the offense for two episodes. But already in the fourth, against the left-handed Yunier Castillo, the team extended the advantage to the World Classic even more. Thanks to Luis Vicente Mateo’s single and Guibert’s tug rocket that added his third of the game, they marked the ninth of the match.

Farmers discounted in the top of the fifth. Raico Santos came within inches of hitting a grand slam but the ball hit the top of the right field fence. Thus, he scored a long RBI hit that brought in Dennis Peña and Andrés de la Cruz. Both had hit single and double off reliever Roberto Hernández.

Already at the end of the clash, against Alberto Pablo Civil, Yurisbel Gracial towed Yoelkis Guibert with a cannon shot with the tenth and last of the clash. The man from Santiago had fired his third unstoppable of the clash, two of them doubles, in four turns.

The Farmers discounted two more in the seventh. Guantanamo right-hander Yeudis Reyes appeared quickly but lacking in repertoire. He allowed rockets from Larduet and Raico Santos; to finally be towed by Yosvany Alarcón who had struck out three times.

Farmers connected 10 hits and 12 the team to the Classic. No errors were made and the only home runs were those in the first inning. The victory went to José Ramón Rodríguez and the defeat to César García.

Tomorrow Monday, January 30, at 1:30 pm they will face each other again. For both teams, the fundamental thing is to warm up and continue to win in optimal form for the two events. In the case of Farmers, the pitching staff is very concerned. Today, as in the final, they were easily hit.

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