Team Shakira or Team Piqué: Burning, does it empower?

for the writer Nicholas Alvaradowhen Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie they filmed the movieMr & Mrs Smith”, the tape was not only a success on the screen but also resulted in a romance between them. Brad Pitt was married to Jennifer Anistonwhich sparked a scandal of more or less reasonable proportions, then the press was divided between “team Aniston” and “team Jolie”.

The complex (im)morality

At that time it was very easy to make that decision; if a person believed in traditional values, in the family, in being a decent and good person was “team Aniston”; or if I wanted to have waves, I wanted to be edgeI wanted to be coolbelieved in a free and vivifying sexuality then it was “team Jolie”.

According to Nicolás at that time, he was “team Jolie”, in which of course, there was no “team Pitt” in reality, either because the patriarchy would have exonerated Brad Pitt of any fraud in this equation or because it would have been reified and reduced to the mere status of a sexual object as in “Thelma and Louise“For example, there was already precedent for this.

It was never made very clear, because it was not a big discussion, the only thing that came out was a great excuse to sell t-shirts that said “team Aniston” or “team Jolie” and that people wore on the streets.

Team Shakira or Team Piqué?

Almost 20 years later, a new scandal broke out, Piqué, a famous soccer player, left Shakira, a famous song star, after cheating on her for a while with a lady whose name doesn’t matter, who is 22 years old and from that moment on unleashed a great scandal whose culminating moment is a song that Shakira composed where makes frontal, direct, humorous dissection and there are those who say that even fiery of what happened.

Nicolás says that something curious happened after this launch, because the production team asked him to talk about it, but he wasn’t sure if he could address a situation that the magazine could cover. TVNotes.

Oh surprise! The next day, the city, the country, the world, Laura Manzo, talked about Shakira and Piqué and talked about this song as a milestone in the history of contemporary feminism. I’m not team Piqué, people who misbehave with their partner don’t deserve forgiveness, but I’m not team Shakira either, the song seems atrocious vulgarity to me”, Nicolás related quite surprised.

Does burning empower?

According to the journalist Laura Manzowho is an expert on issues of feminismthe song is proof that the matter broke out and that Shakira may have found out something to respond in this way.

Women have been abused throughout history, so when women decide to speak up, they receive a tremendous amount of criticism for their statements. The truth is that we women did not know how to react, but what we did know is that we had to remain silent at work, at home, in the most intimate family environment, whether it was an uncle, the father himself, you knew that he had to keep quiet This is not the case with Shakira, perhaps there was no abuse of her, but there was a betrayal and she does not have to remain silent when he was the one who betrayed her“, the journalist pointed out.

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