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Using a new technique, they have found the possibility of detecting eye diseases and even signs of diabetes.

Crying can be crying for completely opposite emotions, but why fool ourselves: sadness or anger usually have a lot to do with this matter. But there are still other ways of thinking about tears from that usefulness that we often hear.

Only a few drops have been necessary to discover a new technique that has found the possibility of detecting eye diseases and even glimpse signs of diabetes.

A group of scientists led by Fei Liu, a biomedical engineer at Wenzhou Medical University in China, have come to this fascinating conclusion, and recently published results to support it.

The researchers first devised a new and better way of capturing small-volume sacks of tears in order to collect and preserve tears from a range of study participants. With all of them gathered, the team added them to a solution and later all of it to a device with two nanoporous membranes, vibrating these membranes so that they sucked up the solution. Within minutes, the technique released small molecules, leaving the sacs ready for analysis.

They managed to collect enough of these sacs, called exosomes, and the end results offered a glimpse into different types of eye diseases. And that’s not all: tears could help doctors monitor the progress of a patient’s diabetes, too.


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