Technology becomes a wellness coach with Huawei

Technology becomes a wellness coach with Huawei

Elevating control of well-being and adopting healthy habits that last is easier than ever with HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 Pro.

The premium design and features of this watch redefine the concept of smartwatch

In recent years, and due in part to a growing concern among people to learn more about their state of health, the number of wearables sold worldwide has not stopped growing. In fact, the renowned consultancy IDC forecasts that the market will continue to grow in 2023, with special emphasis on smart watches. These monitoring devices play an increasingly important role in the management of well-being or sports, going from being simple accessories to becoming an essential and accompanying element on a daily basis.

Now that many are proposing to take better care of their health and stay active, taking advantage of the motivation of the start of a new year, devices such as the HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 Pro smartwatch are positioned as the perfect assistants to create routines and monitor our progress and our state of well-being. .

Everything under control for greater peace of mind

Huawei smartwatch is capable of meticulous health monitoring using HUAWEI TruSeen ™5.0+ technology, which deploys eight photoelectric sensors in a ring formation to better capture signals. This allows monitor user’s heart rate 24/7 with real-time alerts whenever this deviates from its usual range in order to see a specialist doctor if necessary.

The blood oxygen measurements (SpO2) They are another of the capabilities of this watch, which allow anticipating possible health problems by detecting deviations from the usual parameters of each person. In that sense and always accompanied by the attention and follow-up of health professionalsthis Huawei smartwatch becomes an accessory that provides very useful information.

Also, the sleep monitoring algorithm HUAWEI TruSleep™ 2.0 identifies the key phases of sleep, with sleep quality ratings and personalized advice on how to improve our rest. This function, accompanied by the stress control monitorallows you to implement actions that improve our well-being on a daily basis, such as breathing exercises guided by the watch in combination with the HUAWEI Health app.

To complete the Healthy Life function of Huawei smartwatches, they offer the option to set goals when it comes to training, drinking water, walking more during the day, etc. Allowing each user to review their progression and establish habits that help them feel better.

Sports coach at any time for more than 100 sports

With its more than 100 training modes, HUAWEI Watch GT 3 Pro makes it easy to exercise, whatever our favorite (running, cycling, climbing, swimming and even dancing). With just a tap on the screen, you can start a training session and monitor calories burned, activity peaks and their types (aerobic, anaerobic, rest, etc.), as well as our evolution in each training session.

It highlights the intelligent race planning function, which helps create a personal training plan based on the individual’s physical and running history, combined with their performance goals. This function allows you to evaluate data such as pace, heart rate, distance, etc. to offer professional advice that evolves as the broker does; and syncs this data with other compatible devices, including more than 60 training apps from around the world, like Strava and Runtastic.

All the available metrics and advice provided by HUAWEI Health help us to maximize performance without pushing our limits, and of course, the possibility of share the results of our sessions and our routeswhich will allow us to brag about all the progress and share the motivation with our community.

In summary, HUAWEI GT 3 Pro is the perfect companion to start the year taking care of our health and well-being without sacrificing style, premium finishes and the most advanced technology.

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