Technology, labor well-being and vitamins to gain efficiency in the management of sports centers


Moment of the Efficiency in the Management of Sports Centers event, held on January 19 in Madrid by the Cost and Process Optimization consultancy.

(24-1-2023). Is it possible to gain efficiency in the management of sports facilities in the current scenario? The Cost and Process Optimization consultancy responded to this question at the event organized on January 19 in Madrid, in which three distinguished speakers gave keys to achieve the objectives set with fewer resources.

The last blows of the pandemic, a treasury in a critical situation due to the decrease in income and the loans requested, added to a runaway increase in energy costs, a greater turnover of personnel and the decline in consumer confidence, have drawn an environment uncertain and ambiguous.

To help reduce this uncertainty, the Cost and Process Optimization consultancy organized an event focused on management efficiency on January 19 in Madrid, with the aim of enabling companies to achieve their goals with fewer resources.

Key points

The event was led by three renowned speakers who presented their ideas to the 332 attendees at the event, 97 in person and 235 online.

Leonor Gallardo, professor of sports management and Vice-Rector for Coordination, Communication and Promotion at the University of Castilla La Mancha, speaker, researcher and best-selling writer, addressed “Efficiency in the management of sports centers” emphasizing innovation, the 4 technological advances such as big data, nanotechnology, biosanitary technology, robotics, sports performance, sports and health, sports facilities.

For his part, Roberto Luna, professor of business organization at the University of Valencia, lecturer and best-selling writer, began his presentation with an analysis of 3 basic competencies that professionals must have, such as knowledge, ability and attitude, to give way to what he calls key competencies: cognitive flexibility, agility in learning and self-knowledge, balance and emotional management. Likewise, he addressed the personal and professional environments, where he highlighted labor well-being in the face of occupational toxicity. He exposed some tools for talent management:

  • Develop your team. 9-grid-box model
  • Talent management. gesta-6 model
  • Coach leader model.

He finished his presentation with 3 final warnings so that your talent does not go away:

  • When silence invades an organization…
  • When toxicity contaminates an organization…
  • When there is no look from talent…

Lastly, Luis Huete, Ph.D. from Boston University, began his presentation by recommending that attendees take notes with 2 columns, one for ideas and the other for things to do, in order to go on to develop the typology of conflicts that usually occur in companies, such as confrontation, healthy disagreement, cynicism and omerta.

The next point that he developed was that of the keys to the sustainability of companies, referring to the needs, capacities, mutual trust, mutual respect, external integration (strategy), internal disintegration (execution).

The four vitamins:

  • Red vitamin that is characterized by the short term and the determination to execute
  • Yellow vitamin, characterized by the long term and creativity to innovate
  • Green vitamin, characterized by touch to integrate
  • Blue vitamin, characterized by rigor to administer

The sustainability of a business and the smooth running of a management team is based on good management in these four areas:

  • functional dimension
  • proactive dimension
  • organic dimension
  • mechanical dimension

His presentation ended with recommendations on the use of colors for:

  • Communicate priorities
  • display elements of culture
  • Balancing the areas of short and long term
  • Design of structures
  • Conceptualize your business model
  • delegate better

The video of the event can be seen

Registration for the event was free courtesy of: Aerobic&Fitness, Bimma Seguros, eGym, Matrix Fitness and Provisport.

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