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He is one of the most remembered coaches in Mexican soccer despite never being a champion. We refer to Ruben Omar Romanowho remembered that was dismissed from Tecos for not aligning Juan Carlos “Cheto” Leaño in a match against Monterrey, receiving a call from the owner of the club and the player’s father to “recommend” him to start it.

Where does Rubén Omar Romano direct?

currently unemployed and with his last experience in Liga MX in 2018 with Atlas, where he was only a couple of months and was dismissed leaving the team in last place, the Argentine recalled his time at another institution in La Perla Tapatia such as the Tecos and the reason why he left the team due to the imposition of a player in particular.

“That Tecos had Reinaldo Navia, Bofo Bautista appeared, several interesting players. That team played very well, we saved it from relegation and we qualified in both tournaments. We renewed, but in that tournament the difficulties began and what we all know, my problems for a player“, recalled Romano in an interview with journalist David Medrano.

“Eye, I have no problems with Cheto (Juan Carlos Leaño), a great guy, but I left Tecos for him. About 24 hours before a game, when there were two dates left to finish the tournament, They told me that I had to make it the headline by forceI didn’t accept and I had to leave the club,” he added.

About how he found out that he had to forcefully line up Cheto Leaño or he would be out of a job In the UAG team, the coach told Medrano that they spoke to him during dinner in Monterrey before the game to tell him that he was “obliged” to put the son of the team owner.

“I was having dinner the night before the game against Rayados and I got the call from Guadalajara. If they have asked me for it earlier in the week, I put it in without problems, but for them to ask me 24 hours before would be betraying my work for the whole week. I understand that his father (José Antonio Leaño) was the owner of the team, he pressed and I did not accept. After the game I left“, declared the DT of clubs like Atlas, Santos, América and Cruz Azul.

What happened to Rubén Omar Romano? his kidnapping

In July 2005, a gang called “Los Canchola” kidnapped Rubén Omar Romano when he was the coach of Cruz Azul, this after a training session leaving the soccer club’s facilities located in La Noria, south of Mexico City.

After 65 days, the Argentine was rescued by agents of the then Federal Investigation Agency, who arrested seven members of the gang. Miguel Ángel Cruz Mercado, aka El Mikewho participated in the crime, was declared guilty of the crimes of organized crime and illegal deprivation of libertyin the modality of kidnapping and aggravated kidnapping, respectively.

According to ministerial investigations, The Mike participated in the interception of Romano and later in his custody during the two months that they kept him deprived of his liberty in the Iztapalapa mayor’s office.

How many Finals has Rubén Omar Romano lost?

A record that no coach would like to boast, but Rubén Omar Romano has lost more finals than anyone in Mexico, since he was defeated twice in 2002-2003 leading Morelia against Toluca and Monterrey; in 2010 he lost to Santos Laguna both series for the title against the same teams.

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