Teemu offers fake discounts in TikTok celebrities’ videos

You may have entered TikTok and been shown Alleged leaked videos of celebrities Someone you admire, or who sparks your curiosity, and you’re eventually tempted to look them up. You may not have encountered them yet, but you will very soon, as the platform is flooding with fake videos of compromising situations of celebrities like Jenna Ortega or Olivia Rodrigo to attract the attention of new victims.

Actually, what is hidden behind these false videos of leaks or issues wake up the sickness of many people They are neither more nor less than Temu promotional codes. Many people are using the platform to promote their Temu codes thus earning many discounts and saving on their purchases. the thing is that It’s getting out of control To the point of reaching this.

Teemu hides behind these fake celebrity videos

TIC Toc filling fake videos In which they promise to leak fake photos of celebrities in nude or compromising positions, with the sole purpose of increasing their referral rewards on Teemu. These are used to earn credit in Temu, points or gifts when shared with friends, but the temptation to move ahead is creating this situation. Hides behind these false videos Request to download Temu and use reference number To be able to view these filtered content.

You can easily recognize them because they say so X famous person leaked or ‘I thought he was innocent’ Referencing celebrities like Hailey Deegan, Olivia Rodrigo, Jenna Ortega, Brooke Monk, SSSnipperwolf. All are trying to create false hopes so that more victims can be harmed. They tell Teemu how to download and enter the reference number, falsely promising to watch the video. They have been active for some time and, although it may seem difficult to fall into the trap, there are many people who have done so in the hope of being able to watch and download the videos as promised.

fake tiktok teemu video

Although most of these materials are in English, we have no doubt that they will soon be in English Develop famous videos of celebrities in Spanish. At the moment, their only objective seems to be to earn rewards in Temu, although over time they may improve and advance the techniques, as they could use them to install malware or steal your money. So be careful with the links that appear in TikTok videos.

So, if you come across a video where they ask you to do something to watch it, don’t fall for it! You can watch legitimate content on TikTok without doing anything More for this. Not paying attention to this advice can be very dangerous, now you just have to download Temu with its code, but who knows what can happen next. Of course, don’t expect that after listening to them you will be able to see what they promised you because that is not true.

We do not know If Temu knows how many users are doing what They don’t care about getting free or very cheap purchases, or increasing their users and sales. We’re waiting to see if they comment to get their opinion on the matter, like TikTok, which we think will do something to deal with this misleading content at some point. They will likely disappear as soon as they are reported, but new ones will appear.

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