Teen rejects stepmom who is ‘obsessed’ with her

A teenage girl on Reddit is frustrated that her stepmom wants to be as close with her as she is with her biological mother.

“My parents divorced when I was a child. My elder brother was 2 years old at the time and he is now 17. Our father remarried just a year after the divorce and they created a blended family .Dad had us, our stepmom had (two) boys who were the same age as me and my brother and she has three other boys,” she wrote on Reddit.

The girl’s parents have split custody, and although she has known her stepmother for most of her life, she has never considered her stepmother to be an “equal” to her mother.

“My mom comes first. If I need motherly advice, I go to her. Whenever I’m upset, she’s my mom. My stepmom is okay but she’s not my mom. My stepmom One thing that weirds me out about that is she always wanted to be a mother to a daughter and she doesn’t have a girl,” she added.

The teen revealed that her stepmother was clingy to her from the moment she met her father and even tried to wear matching outfits.

“She has a strange attachment to me. She’s not bothered by the fact that my brother considers her second to me, but she’s bothered by the fact that I don’t consider her my mother. She tells me every year, right before Mother’s Day, That she would like it if I called her.” On that day when I am with mother. She’ll also ask if I want to do a mother/daughter Mother’s Day event with her every year and I always say no. Then I see her face fall and she’ll start to cry,” he explained.

The teenager does not have the same “love” for her stepmother as she does for her mother.

“She makes me very uncomfortable with her obsession with having a girl for her… I told my stepmother that she had to accept that she would never be a girl’s mother and that I would always be my mother’s daughter, Not hers. She told me that she has been in my life since I was really a child and that I should see both of them as my mothers when I spend equal time with them.”

In response, her stepmother told her, “It is disgusting that I would reject her again and again and then destroy her like this when she could easily become my second mother.”

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Users supported the teen and told her that her feelings were valid.

One person wrote, “You said you and your dad had (three) other kids? It sounds like if one of them was a girl she would only care about you as much as she would about your brother.”

Another commented, “You’re just a placeholder for the daughter she would have wanted. Your father is making it worse by not intervening.”

“You don’t need another mom. I can’t stand people who think you can control your feelings for them and then demand you do the same whether you want to or not,” someone And he shouted.

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