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Nostalgia embellishes things, distracts from what is good. It’s impossible to think of ’90s cinema without remembering the youthful appeal of some of the actresses who marked the decade: Drew Barrymore, Alicia Silverstone, Winona Ryder, Liv Tyler, Christina Ricci, Kirsten Dunst or Claire Danes. Apparently these are more widely thought of actresses, not just because of how young and beautiful they were in the ’90s. They are all still strong, gorgeous and in many cases very powerful women.

But despite the fact that selective nostalgia can make us forget the ’90s most were minors or simply ceased to exist, were brutally sexually assaulted And a significant part of society did not find it strange. to the point of coining the concept of 90’s lolita To talk about them (or artists like Britney Spears). The tag was taken from a Vladimir Nabokov novel, but it was a biased use of context. There was no mention of crime in it. they made actresses objects of desire (stating that they were aware of this happening) and allowed adult viewers to view them as such, without not only feeling bad, but without considering that it was fatal.

Drew Barrymore Was 16 When She Made ‘Poison Ivy’ (1992), same as Alicia Silverstone and Liv Tyler Video clip for ‘Crazy’ (1994), Aerosmith, And Natalie Portman was 13 when she debuted in ‘The Professional’ (1994) and 15 in ‘Beautiful Girls’ (1996). Without consideration for their characters in these proposals (was she the right age for what was required?), their shamelessness was brought to the fore in the promotion of these films and in their definition as actresses. Attraction.

many of them She poses in a sexy way, Which was asked of them, on the cover of magazines. And rare was the text that did not mention its attractiveness. In some cases, it was assumed that there was a direct connection between his characters and them, that the decisions and risks he took artistically were reflected in the real world. But it was not so. In ‘Poison Ivy,’ Barrymore brings to life a young woman who seduces her friend’s father, Her character is that of a bookish femme fatale and the film remains controversial because of its stance on women. Prior to its shooting, Barrymore had lived with more than five adults. That Girl in ‘ET the Extra-Terrestrial’ (1982) Famous since 7 years, alcohol since 9 and cocaine consumption since 12 He went through rehab centers, attempted suicide, emancipated himself from his mother at age 14, and wrote some memoirs (‘Little Girl Lost’). Everything had happened to him.

But, even though she herself may have created a dangerous image at the time, it is inconceivable today that the media and industry would turn a 16-year-old girl into a sex symbol. I mention the industry because what is unique one day becomes a laughing stock the next. Barrymore has reinvented herself several times. Today he has a television show, The Drew Barrymore Show, in which he brings out the most human side of Hollywood stars, and a business emporium that includes several lines of makeup and hair items, electrical appliances, furniture, and more. Even theirs is included. own wine. And, he has been reborn many times before coming here. But the sexual abuse she was subjected to has affected her career for years and, perhaps, the decisions she has made since then.

The case of Silverstone is different. After three aerosmith video clips In which she starred in 1993, came another film that cemented her image, ‘Lolita: The Crush’ (1993). Based on a personal story directed by Alan Shapiro (that fact would have been discarded today), it tells the story of a journalist who is seduced by a teenager. The teenager is played by Silverstone, who was 16 years old, and, like ‘Poison Ivy’, it was all the girl’s fault… The actress has always rejected the Lolita label,

But, no matter how much he tried on his part, it was swallowed up when Clueless (Out of the Wave) (1995) released, the film that impressed him. She was 19 years old and it was decided that she was one of the sexiest actresses of all time, Yet another display of lack of mercy on the part of the industry, the media and the public, as the decision was taken, not until two years later. Not only was he not, but he faced body-shaming when he made ‘Batman & Robin’ (1997). They were unkind to her body, saying she was fat. Once again, sexuality that no one asked for had dire consequences. This cut short the career of the actress, who found another passion in environmental activism. Despite the break, Silverstone, like Barrymore, never left the cinema. But there’s no doubt that the legendary cover of Lolita of the ’90s was Poisonous Candy.

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