Telefónica and Nokia sign an agreement to accelerate the deployment of private 5G networks for companies.


Telefonica and Nokia have signed a three-year strategic agreement to accelerate the development and deployment of private 5G networks in Spanish companies, the operator, chaired by Jose Maria Alvarez-Pallet, announced in a statement.

According to the operator, the purpose of this agreement is to help the industry move to the 4.0 model and accelerate the digital transformation of companies in a “simple and flexible way”.

This alliance will provide Spanish companies with access to more than 100 different Nokia solutions for the next three years, related to digitalization in the cloud (Nokia Digital Automation Cloud), private mobile networks (Modular Private Wireless), “edge computing” for industry (MX Industrial Edge) and industrial devices.

These services will be supported by the Telefónica Spain network, which will also provide its resources as a national operator, as well as consultancy and technical services, as well as big data capabilities and IoT connectivity through Telefónica Tech, which will offer its capabilities as a technology integrator and its experience in supporting companies in their digitalization processes.

“This collaboration with Nokia is in line with our vision of empowering the industry with cutting-edge technologies in a new era in which artificial intelligence and the use of data define the way forward. This strategy is preceded by more than 90 use cases with real customers to explore the possibilities of 5G,” emphasized Adrián García-Nevado, Director of Companies at Telefónica Spain.

For his part, Rolf Albrecht, European Head of Enterprise Campus Edge at Nokia, said that “this exciting collaboration with Telefonica will continue to enable companies to pave the way for digitalization.”

“Our private wireless network and local edge computing solutions are designed to meet the critical needs of resource-intensive industries, providing them with benefits that go beyond connectivity, including improved worker safety and reduced emissions, according to our latest Industrial Digitalization 2024 report. “, he added.

According to Telefónica, 5G technology enables greater connectivity between smart devices, making it easier to collect, monitor and analyze key business data in real time, making production processes more efficient and sustainable.

“5G will also help make production lines more flexible as remote control and control of heavy machinery is improved, leading to increased worker safety and sustainability as reductions in energy consumption are achieved, among other benefits,” the Spanish operator added. .

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