Telegram is updated with these new features

Telegram ended the year with the release of a new update. The messaging application introduces a series of new functions, which are now available to all users on Android and iOS. The possibility of freeing up space or sending photos as if they were spoilers are two of the main novelties of this update.

These are the new functions in Telegram

There are also changes to profile photos, now being able to set photos that only your contacts see and more privacy options, to determine who can see those photos.

Telegram new users

New functions

The first big news in Telegram is the be able to send multimedia, either photos or videos as if they were spoilers. This function causes there to be a blur layer over that content, which is removed when the person who wants to open it clicks on it. Thus the photo will not be able to be seen in the chat as such, but will only look normal when it is opened.

The app introduces a new section with the space, where to see the files that take up the most space, so that we can delete them from the phone. It will also let us hide the members of a group if we are the administrators. The list of participants will be hidden from the rest of the people, and only the administrators will be able to see it.

Telegram will let you buy usernames

The new version of Telegram has already been launched in the app stores. So users on Android and iOS should be able to access it now. So you can enjoy these new functions in it. The app hopes to continue launching news with which to continue to differentiate itself from its main rival WhatsApp. We will be attentive to your next updates.

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