Television broadcaster Victoria Vera was murdered by her oil tycoon husband, who later committed suicide

There is news Astonished For the Turkish world of business and entertainment. Oil tycoon, David Thomas Bluth shot and killed his television star wife Victoria Vera On Tuesday, June 11, at his home in Ankara, Turkiye.

The announcement has been made Alexandra VeraVictoria’s sister, on her Instagram account: “With deep sadness and pain I have to announce that my sweet and beautiful sister, the sun of our lives who gave us so much joy with her laughter, her positive spirit, her inspiration and energy, has left us forever.” ByfavourI request all of you, please give us time for the sake of the children. My family They are going through a very difficult time as they have lost both parents. “We have recently buried my father and now my sister and brother-in-law and we need time to heal, but most of all we need to be here for the children.”

53-year-old David was the owner of an international oil company ASG Inspection. the tycoon was born edinburgh And he married 40-year-old singer and comedian Victoria Vera in 2014, and they have three children, four, 10 and 14 years oldwhich could have seen arguments and a fatal outcome. It appears that an argument over unspecified text messages led to the husband shooting his wife and then committing suicide.

Victoria’s career became successful after she released her debut album in 2004, “killing me Softly”known for his cover of “‘Hotel California” by the American rock band Eagles. In the past, he also co-hosted the Europa 2 morning show with Czech host Leos Mars. The murdered woman was born in South Africa before moving with her family to the Czech Republic as a teenager, where she studied music. Writing on social media, Victoria’s relatives remembered her as eShe was the “sunshine” in his life who gave him “joy”, “laughter” and “positive emotion”.

according to local reportsRemains of Blyth He has been handed over to his family to be taken back to Scotland , Victoria’s Body Lives in Turkiye.

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