Televisions on offer: choose your ‘smart TV’ (Xiaomi, Samsung, LG) with up to a 31% discount

Find cheap televisions Within the wide range offered by both the network and physical stores, it is not an easy task. Furthermore, it must be taken into account that a television It is a device whose features are evolving rapidly, so getting one that does not quickly become obsolete cannot be easy either. A good option, however, is to take a look at the catalog of PcComponentson whose website we have found several televisions on salewith discounts up to 31% on smart TVs (smart tv) top brands: Xiaomi, Samsung, LG

With this selection of eight televisionswith a screen size that ranges from 48 to 86 inches, you will be able to save, in some cases, up to 182 euros, a not insignificant amount of money, especially if what you are looking for is a television smart tv economical, but that guarantees high and prolonged performance over time. Likewise, all the devices have one point in common: they give the possibility of surfing the Internet and also that anyone can enjoy from the comfort of their sofa at home all kinds of content on streamingamong them, your favorite series and movies on platforms such as Netlfix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video or Disney +.

Xiaomi MiTV P1

East xiaomi tv My TV P1 55 inches ensures first-class image quality with 4K resolution. The device, equipped with a dolby vision system Y compatible with HDR+10 and MEMC technologypresents an elegant bezel-less design that fits perfectly in any room. In addition, it has an operating system AndroidTV and with him google assistant (although it is also compatible with Alexa) and chrome cast integrated. In terms of sound, the television adds about Dolby Audio and DTS-HD compatible speakers. It also includes BluetoothWi-Fi (2.4 and 5G) and multiple ports (HDMI, HDMI eARC, USB, AV, LAN, optical…). 31% discount, save 182.05 euros.


Samsung Crystal UHD UE55TU7045

The samsung televisions They are among the most popular on the market. and the model CrystalUHD (which refers to the screen, made up of crystalline inorganic nanoparticles capable of reproducing more than a billion colors) is a complete success because, among other things, it incorporates: a HDR+10 systemthe “most complete, advanced and with dynamic support”, announces the brand; function One Remote to control all connected devices with the controller; Y compatibility with voice assistants (Bixby, Google or Alexa). With 4K resolution Y 55 inch screenEast smart tv dispose of two HDMI ports and a USB port. 20% discount, save 120.01 euros.


LG NanoCell 50NANO756PA

With 50 inch screen Y resolution True 4KEast lg nano cell tv it is capable of offering a “much sharper and more detailed” image, explains the manufacturer, than that of a standard HD television. This is so due to the technology NanoCell, which uses nanoparticles to filter and redefine color, removing impurities. From elegant and minimalist designthe appliance is also equipped with a HDR 10 Pro system (LG’s own dynamic range technology), connection Bluetooth and the technology Filmmaker Mode, which turns off motion tweening and preserves the original aspect ratios, color, and frame rates of the movies. also adds three HDMI ports Y two USB ports. 11% discount, save 64.44 euros.


LG NanoCell 55NANO916PA

Similar to the previous model, this television LG Nano Cell from 55 incheswith similar characteristics, adds, however, the Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos systems, with the aim of offering a “transformative” television experience. So the first intelligently adjust picture settings and according to the genre of the content and the environmental setting; the second, meanwhile, provides a multidimensional surround sound, close to the cinema. This device also includes more connectivity: four HDMI ports Y three USB ports. 7% discount, save 60.01 euros.



TVs LG-OLED also sweep due to this new technology of self-luminous pixels, capable of offering extreme realism and unique designs. In this way, explains the manufacturer, they can reproduce the pure black. With 48 inch screenthe device has Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos systemstechnologies Filmmaker Mode Y HDR 10 Pro and connectivity Bluetooth. Furthermore, it is compatible with various voice assistants (Google, Alexa, etc.), which allows access to content more quickly and comfortably. 6% discount, save 68.41 euros.


Hisense 50A7100F

East 50 inch tv with 4K resolution Y UHD upscaling technology It is one of the best options within the great catalog of cheap tvs available. With HDR system Y color mapping technology, the device displays a sharp, true-to-life image, with whites up to 40 times brighter and blacks 10 times darker than a standard image. Besides, it’s equipped with various modes (Sports, Games…) that adapt to each situation. It also has the Dolby Atmos sound system Y DTS Virtual technology for a more realistic and enveloping sound. Other features to highlight are the function One Touch Access (to access content with a single click) and the bluetooth connectivity.



Other lg tv of guarantees is this with 65 inch screen Y 4K resolution with “vibrant” image quality. The device, which also offers an absorbing and atmospheric sound thanks to the system AI Soundis equipped with the technology Filmmaker Mode Y HDR, which guarantees an experience close to that of a movie theater. Furthermore, it is compatible with the Google Assistant and with Alexa. Regarding connectivity, this smart tv dispose of Bluetooth and it has two HDMI ports and a USB port.


LG 86UP80006LA

The largest TV in this selection has a 86 inch screen and, like the other LG models, it has the latest technologies to offer an unparalleled image. So this smart tv with 4K resolution is equipped with HDR systems Dolby Vision IQ, HDR 10 Pro, HLG Pro, HDR Effect and HDR GiG. In addition, it has a integrated AI Sound & Virtual Surround sound processor And it is compatible with the Google Assistant, Alexa and Air Play 2. Regarding connectivity, the device includes four HDMI ports, three USB ports Y Bluetooth.


*All prices included in this article are updated as of 04-13-2022.

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