Ten sees “normal” that Burgos also wants Medicine and puts the ball on Mañueco’s roof

Ten and Meñueco in a file image. The mayor of León demands that the president of the Board give answers on the request to create a Faculty of Medicine in León. / MARIA FERNANDEZ

The mayor respects that other cities apply to host a Faculty of Medicine and assures that there is an “imperative need” to create more in the face of the “lack of toilets in our hospitals”

Ana G. Barriada

The mayor of León, José Antonio Diez, has come out against the regional PSOE’s proposal to request a Faculty of Medicine at the University of Burgos.

Diez sees in this proposal a “legitimate claim because all cities and territories have the same right to demand what they believe is most positive for them, as León has done.”

Burgos also wants Medicine

There are already three municipalities in the province of León, the last one in León this summer, to carry out motions to demand a Faculty of Medicine for the Ule.

Fourteen years later, the plenary session of the León City Council again demands the establishment of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of León

A request to which the socialists in Burgos now join in a movement that for Diez “is not surprising because in other communities there are many more medical schools.”

The ball, on the roof of Mañueco

“Who has the ball on the roof and who has to respond and do something is the Board,” Diez pointed out this Saturday, who focused on the president, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, whom he describes as “immobile and static.” “It seems good to me that Burgos and León ask for it, but the community is the one that has to take steps forward,” he concluded.

Thus, Diez left the decisions in the hands of the Board in the face of an “imperative need to do something because there is a lack of toilets, of doctors in our hospitals and there is no doubt that studies must be promoted and if it has to be with one or two faculties so be it”.

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