Teresa Helbig, the designer who dresses Begoña Gómez, Pedro Sánchez’s wife, and national and international celebrities such as Zendaya

The Ifema pavilion where the Madrid fashion show is held is slowly waking up. It is 10:30 in the morning of the second day of parades. I’ve been with Theresa Helbig to interview him backstage. It’s darker than usual, when the models race for changing clothes, the flashes of the photographers and the fast walk of make-up artists and hairdressers. Now, just a handful of people wander through the back room, who, as if we were shadows, go to our destination without haste and in silence.

Light comes on right away, just as I reach the locker room door. The designer and family also attend. They are punctual and attentive. The parade will be at 7:00 p.m., there are still 510 minutes left for them to break into the front row Begona Gomez and Pedro Sanchez. They will be booed before and after the screening, which is why they will leave the forum to go backstage. There, in the back room, they will greet the creator in “a protocol chat”; She will appreciate the support for designer fashion and Begoña Gómez will say that she liked the collection “very much,” Teresa Helbig tells ABC.

Begoña Gómez wears a Teresa Helbig suit for that occasion: short jacket and white shirt with ruffles. A week later, she will appear with another model by the creator, this time showing off legs and a neckline thanks to two very long openings. The Prime Minister’s wife has worn Helbig designs on many occasions and almost always with the same critical acclaim.

Begoña Gómez, dressed in a Teresa Helbig dress, together with her husband, the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, during the designer’s fashion show at the latest edition of the MBFWMadrid.


But not only does Begoña Gómez have good reviews when wearing a Helbig, the same thing happens to many international and national celebrities as to the Mrs. Pedro Sanchez. There is no defined aesthetic profile of a woman, it is something more like a way of being in the world. The first row of his parade is a good example of what has been said, the eclecticism is total, since we can see Luz Casal, Macarena Gómez or Eugenia Martínez de Irujo sitting near the wife of the president of the government. She has ever had to say no to dressing celebrities, but only for a matter of capacity: “We have a single collection and it has to move between the two showrooms we have in Los Angeles and Madrid,” she says.

The rapport between designer and celebrity is authentic, which is why it is logical that she founded the so-called #Helbigang by @teresahelbig, a club of strong women, with values ​​and a unique outlook: «We admire their work and they admire ours, it’s like a relationship and I, who am passionate about cinema, am lucky to be able to dress directors and actresses that I love. They like them a lot, the truth is, there are very powerful people, ”he adds. She says that celebs fall in love with a model and many times they ask for it on Instagram, I ask her about her favorite and she does not shy away from the question: «Zendaya, without a doubt, I admire her work so much, ‘Euphoria’ has been one of the series that most It marked me,” he recalls.

The designer Teresa Helbig.

Saint Bernard

Film festivals seem to be his best showcase, however, between galas or parades, he keeps both showcases: «The impact of a red carpet is a window that reaches many more people, but to the Madrid catwalk We come to tell a story and whoever comes is receptive to listening to it, it also positions us as a firm”, he explains. He has 22 collections to his credit, traveling from Barcelona to Madrid twice a year to present at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid each season. She is one of the veterans, with the permission of Agatha Ruiz de la Prada: “My commitment to work is very serious, we are very compliant and committed, that is why we have been here for a decade,” she points out.

The designer Teresa Helbig.

Saint Bernard

I look around and the coat racks show a work between romantic and strong, with a rogue point, very Helbig. This time, the heroine is Anne Boleyn: «We have never made such a historicist collection, we were very attracted to the figure of this cunning, clever woman who made a name for herself in a world of men and entered the political and religious sphere of her time». The parade begins with wedding bells that are reminiscent of the wedding of the protagonist of the story with Henry VIII: “There is a lot of ecru and black dress that is interspersed with other pink ones, it is a series of festive and vindictive clothes,” says Teresa.

The protagonist of this work has been so suggestive for the firm that Theresa Helbig confesses that he plans to inaugurate showroom in londonwhere he already has many clients: “Now they travel to Madrid to buy, so we believe it is a good market.”

In the locker room you breathe silence and work environment, the final touches to the outfits and the tests of the looks on the models are ready. Before the show starts, I ask her how she sees the post-pandemic woman, she smiles with a scoundrel air and explains that there is a great desire for good vibes and partying: «She is excited, in the mood to make herself beautiful, any excuse is a good one to have fun, go out and celebrate.”

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