“Terrible. What a pity!”: they criticize the appearance of Silvia Pinal in a children’s play

The appearance of Silvia Pinal in a wheelchair and hunched over in the children’s play “Little Red Riding Hood, what’s up with your grandmother!”, has unleashed a wave of criticism on Twitter, where colleagues such as the actor Lalo Spain have criticized that the family of the 91-year-old first actress allows her to continue working due to her state of health.

“Terrible that they do this with Doña Silvia Pinal. Terrible. What a pity!” Lalo Spain wrote in response to the publication of a magazine in which the less than optimal state of the actress who debuted today in “Little Red Hood, what’s up” is observed with your grandmother.”

A video circulates on social networks of a rehearsal where it is observed that Pinal is moved on the stage in a wheelchair, she looks hunched and at times raises her face while applause is heard.

Netizens lamented that Pinal’s family allows him to continue working in suboptimal conditions, as they say, it is not necessary, he already has the name and recognition, so “this type of show is painful”; They have made the call not to attend to see the staging.

Some Internet users, on the contrary, applauded that Doña Silvia still does what she likes, and considered it positive that the elderly are allowed to do what they like so that they do not fall into depression.

“I made the mistake with my mother of letting her ‘rest’ in the comforts of her home and it gave her a terrible depression because by not letting her do anything according to me to ‘rest’ she faded; on the contrary, we must let them continue to feel useful according to your taste”, opined a user.

Silvia Pinal’s health is concerned

At the beginning of April, a press conference was held to announce the premiere of the musical “Little Red Riding Hood ¡Qué wave con tu abuelita!”, where Pinal will play the grandmother; On that occasion, the actress was accompanied by the entire cast, but during this meeting with the press she began to have episodes of coughing and to ramble a bit in her answers, which is why her assistant pointed out that the lady would not give interviews because she had woken up a little sick And they had to take care of her.

The scene was repeated during an interview for the “First Hand” program, for which Internet users criticized Pinal for being exposed in this way, including actor Lalo España, who wrote in a tweet that it was appalling to put the actress In that situation and also being asked terrible questions, that seemed disrespectful to him.

Silvia Pinal was hospitalized last December, because she was infected with Covid-19, a cardiac arrhythmia and low blood pressure triggered the alarm, so she was taken by ambulance to Médica Sur, where she was diagnosed and immediately admitted to intensive care preventively, to later take her to a room.

Because the actress had her complete vaccination schedule, she passed the contagion box without seriousness in her health but due to her age (91 years) they had to take extreme care, a week later she was discharged to recover at home.

In June 2021 Silvia Pinal had already been in the hospital, after having celebrated her great-granddaughter Michelle Salas’s birthday in Acapulco, but her daughter Sylvia Pasquel clarified that the protagonist of films such as “The innocent” (1956) and “Viridiana” (1961), she was just in for some routine tests, so there was nothing to worry about.







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