Terror, a national superhero and the series about Boris Johnson in the October release calendar

The month of October starts practically with the farewell to one of the most extensive and explored seriéphile universes, the one born from the graphic novels of Robert Kirkmanand will close with the landing of Kenneth Brangh, characterized as Boris Johnson.

In between, a national superhero named García, the new mike flanagan, William of the Bull Y Manolo Caro and a whole spaghetti western.

The Walking Dead (October 3, Fox)

After ten seasons and having divided the eleventh into three parts, it is time to put point and end to the history of the first protagonists of The Walking Dead who are still alive on the screen. Daryl, Negan, Maggie and a few more have ahead eight episodes with which to close your life in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Although in reality it will not be a definitive goodbye, since there are several spin off announced on the way. The one that is released is already Tales of the Walking Deadwhich landed at the end of September with an approach of a chapter, a story, and different characters.

‘The Bear’ (October 5, Disney +)

Carmen ‘Carmy’ Berzatto is a chef with a great career in haute cuisine who one day is forced to return home, to Chicago. A death puts him at the head of the family business: a sandwich shop. A new life very different from the one he had gotten used to that will generate a series of emotional and work situations for which he may not be prepared. Bear is a comedy with dramatic overtones starring Jeremy Allen White and has been created by Christopher Storer (Rami). He arrives at Espain after its premiere in USA last June, where it has received very good reviews.

‘The Midnight Club’ (October 7, Netflix)

A group made up of seven young has a particular habit of meeting at midnight (hence the name) to tell scary stories. In addition to their fondness for terror, they have reached an agreement: the first to die has to try to contact the others. from beyond. Everybody has a terminal illness. Based on the novel by Christopher Pike, the midnight club is the new series mike flanagancreator of Curse of Hill House Y midnight mass. The cast includes Adia, Igby Rigney, Ruth Codd, William Chris Sumpter, Aya Furukawa, Annarah Cymone, Iman Benson, and Sauriyan Sapkota.

One more: the third and final season of Derry Girls (Netflix).

‘Candy’ (October 12, Disney +)

Jessica Biel gets under the skin of Candy Montgomery to tell the true story of this woman, a housewife with two children, who was convicted of murder in United States. A seemingly ideal life gone haywire. Known as ‘the ax murderer‘, his case was headline meat and a multitude of chronicles at the beginning of the eighties. In addition to Biel, who is also participating as a producer in this miniseries, the cast includes Timothy Simons, Melanie Lynskey, Pablo Schreiber and Raúl Esparza. The script signs it Robin Veith.

Two more: the premiere of Belascoaran (Netflix) and the second season of the mister (Disney+).

‘That Dirty Black Bag’ (October 13, AMC+)

Starring Dominic Cooper, Douglas Booth and some other great surprise among the secondary, That Dirty Black Bag is one of Wild West that serves as a tribute to the classics of the spaghetti western. shot between Spain, Morocco and Italytells the violent story of Arthur McCoy (Cooper) and Red Bill (booth). The script follows them along eight days in a relentless and violent chase between this sheriff and this bounty hunter whose motto is that a head weighs less than a body. That is why he decapitates his prey.

three more: the premieres of the playlist (Netflix), The Watcher (Netflix) and Spiral (MCA+).

‘Holy Family’ (October 14, Netflix)

After the house of flowers, someone has to die Y Once upon a time but not anymore, Manolo Caro premieres his new series for Netflix. titled Sacred Familyhis protagonist this time is Najwa Nimri, mother of a family that tries to hide its past. But a new family has moved in and will turn the entire neighborhood upside down. As in previous works, Caro brings together a large number of familiar faces of film and television. In addition to Nimri, Álex García, Macarena Gómez, Alba Flores and Álvaro Rico are present.

three more: The premieres of everyone wants to be saved (Netflix) and shantaram (Apple TV+) and the fourth of ghosts (Movistar Plus+).

‘The Peripheral’ (October 21, Amazon Prime Video)

Chloë Grace Moretz is Flynne Fisher, a young woman who just wants to try to keep her family from completely falling apart in one futuristic america. He lives a most boring life in a nondescript place until one day he uses a device, something happens and he connects directly with a alternative future completely changing her existence and herself. A science fiction series based on the novel by William Gibson which has Scott B Smith as creator and with Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, responsible for Westworldamong the producers. Accompany the protagonist on her adventure Gary Carr Y Jack Reynor.

Two more: the premiere of Right from the start (Netflix) and the second season of acapulco (AppleTV+).

‘Guillermo del Toro’s cabinet of curiosities’ (October 25, Netflix)

William of the Bull is the creator of this series that will be released at the rate of two chapters per day between October 25 and 28. With the terror as a starting point and the promise, according to the official synopsis, of redefine the genre and challenge its traditional concept, you will delve into eight independent stories traveling from the macabre to the gothic, the grotesque, the monstrous and even the magical. Two of the scripts are originals by Del Toro, who has been in charge of choosing the writers and directors of a series in which they participate in front of the camera F. Murray Abraham, Kate Micucci, Peter Weller, Rupert GrintTim Blake Nelson, Ben Barnes, David Hewlett and Andrew Lincoln.

‘The immortal’ (October 27, Movistar Plus +)

In the 1990s, control of the cocaine trafficking and of the Madrid nightclubs was in charge of The Miamisa band led by The inmortal. Alex Garcia gets into the skin of someone who caused chaos and terror and whose story will be told over eight episodes. Written by Diego Sotelo and David Moreno and directed by David Ulloa and Rafa Montesinos, promises action, violence and tension. The cast brings together a cast of lesser-known faces with more established ones. Among others, Marcel BorrasEmilio Palacios, Maria HervasTheresa Riott, Jon KortajarenaJason Day, Claudia Pineda and Francis Lawrence.

‘Garcia!’ (October 28, HBO Max)

The graphic novel adaptation of Santiago Garcia and Luis Bustos is, without a doubt, one of the great premieres of this month of October. Adapted by Sara Antuna and Carlos de Pandotells the story of a Franco era supersoldier who is awakened from his slumber by a young journalist eager to find a story to assert herself with her boss. A succession of coincidences lead Antonia (Veki Velilla) to where García is cryogenized (Francis Ortiz) and accidentally wakes him up. He has been sleeping cold for six decades and the shock with reality is not going to be easy to accept. In addition to adapting to new era and some new rules of the game, you will have to work with Antonia to stop a political plot that intends to return to dark times. Eugene Mira (Grand Piano) conducts the six episodes.

Two more: the premiere of if i had known (Netflix) and the sixth season of Big Mouth (Netflix).

‘This England’ (October 31, Movistar Plus+)

This England It is one of those series that arouses some curiosity to know how time has been even before its premiere. Because it began to be shot before downing street party scandal and the departure of the British Government from Boris Johnson. What this series tells covers the first moments of the pandemic with Kenneth Brangh in the role of the former Prime Ministeralthough his will not be the only figure on which he will focus, nor will politics be the only area on which he will focus. This England is co-written and directed by Michael Winterbottom and covers Johnson’s early days leading the country and the first wave of the pandemic.

Two more: the premiere of Christian (AMC+) and the second season of The White Lotus (HBOMax).

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