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In this episode of the podcast, in addition to various topics related to the technological world, we also talk about the latest news from Elon Musk’s company.

Podcast Transcript

Have a nice day and welcome to Mister Gadget Daily. It is Thursday, September 14, 2023. Let’s start again with Tesla. Welcome to our daily newsletter dedicated to the world of technology. I’m Luca Viscardi, before starting I remind you that if you want, if you are following us on Spotify you can click on Follow or on the bell to be notified every time a new episode of ours arrives. If you follow us on Mio Daily, simply press the “+” button. Today we are dedicated to the topic of Tesla because it presented the Powerwall three and therefore, in short, the new super battery for domestic installations that has the same capacity as the previous model of 13.5 kilowatt hours, but has several additional features. Meanwhile, the power it is capable of providing, which rises to 11.5 kilowatts and not only because it also has an integrated solar inverter, means that for those who want to install them it will be possible to attach solar panels of up to six strings. including ‘more directly to the battery. This is definitely a plus, the product will be available in 2024.

Yesterday, another piece of news also came from EA Sports, which is definitely now preparing for the big debut of Football Club 24, but which also announced that The Sims Five, which is now known as Project Rene, will hit the market for free. For everyone, obviously when a video game is free you know that in-app purchases will come later, so in short, there will be other ways to make money for EA Sports, not by making you pay for the game.

Speaking of prices, more than 24 hours after the Apple event, there is still a lot of attention on the issue of the drop in the price of the iPhone which, with an average of 50-60 euros less for the normal model, reaches more than 100 euros at least, for the iPhone 15 Pro max. And this obviously also changes the plans of competitors, because many were counting on a price increase from Apple to follow suit. They’re not here. We will have to see how other manufacturers will now adapt and what choices they will make in terms of price positioning. Among other things, there is a curiosity, we already said yesterday that iOS 17 will arrive on September 18. Officially it will also bring with it twenty new ringtones for iPhone, which is an important novelty because new ringtones have not been presented for a long time and therefore it is welcomed as a very interesting novelty. Just today, information came from China that the government had banned the iPhone from the offices of some government agencies because it had security flaws. We take the news and turn it around.

By the way, instead of iPhone opponents and competitors, it’s funny how Android 14 hasn’t arrived yet, but apparently the first official, almost official, version should be ready next week, which means that the final release should not be by now very far away. However, much later than in previous years.

Another news that always worries the world instead of Google is that of Android Auto, because soon those who use this suite of programs in the car will also be able to use Zoom and Cisco WebEx conference calls. Not only because many other applications will arrive that will obviously work with the vehicle stationary, including Amazon Prime Video. And also comes, again from Google, the news that the hidden photos folder, the one locked with a password, will begin to synchronize on all devices. So if you use Google Photos and have a folder where you hide your private photos, they will soon sync to your other devices as well. Obviously the password is also synchronized.

There has been a lot of talk in recent weeks about Samsung’s new ring that would house an Oura Ring, a kind of triumph of sensors to have a lot of biometric information. It looks like it will launch with the Galaxy S 24 and we will be ready to welcome it. We’re done for today. Thank you for following us here. If you want, we’ll talk tomorrow.

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