Tesla Model S Plaid, modified by Fullmag with minigun and night vision

Many Americans have an (irrational?) Passion for firearms, and the YouTube channel of Fullmag is mainly based on this topic. Recently, however, they discovered that even the hottest electric car is associated with videos, that is Tesla, brings even more views, especially if the car is modified in a seemingly insane and meaningless way.

Just as happened to the Model S Plaid of the latest video published, created in collaboration with Tesla’s expert preparers Unplugged Performance. The frunk has been completely disassembled and modified, to house support bars for one minigun M134 and relative power supply. In the hood there are obviously now two holes, one for the holder, and one for the cartridge strip.

Tesla Model S Plaid Fullmag

The car was also aesthetically modified, with a matte wrapping and rivets applied on all the sheets. Here is a comprehensive explanation video:

The car was also equipped with infrared light system, so as to allow driving in the dark using the special viewers. In the second video, the Model S Plaid is tested at a standstill – for fear that the airbags could activate – and subsequently also in a track closed to the public, with acceleration tests in the dark, and also with moving fire:

The usefulness of this modification? Absolutely none, like many of the tests from the same YouTube channel, just a dangerous toy for grown children.

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