Texas counties declare emergency due to “migrant invasion”

Officials in several Texas counties along the southern border announced a series of emergency declarations Tuesday in the face of what they called “invasion” of undocumented migrants.

County judges asked the governor of Texas, Greg AbbottDevote more resources to address undocumented immigrant activity on the U.S.-Mexico border and to address the resulting crime and quality-of-life issues facing border cities, Fox News reported. .

In their statements, the officials speak of a state of “invasion” of undocumented immigrants arriving in the communities and warn that local authorities have few or no resources to respond. They accused the government of the president Joe Biden to do nothing about the problem.

“We are being invaded. The facts are there,” Kinney County Judge Tully Shahan said at a press conference in Brackettville, Texas, which was reported by media such as The New York Post. “This is real. We want America to know this is real. America doesn’t know what’s going on here.”

County officials from Kinney, Goliad, Terrell and Uvalde criticized the administration of President Joe Biden for what they called his “open border policy”.

Each of the officials shared stories of how their communities are being inundated with immigrants, as humans and drugs are smuggled through their small towns on a daily basis.

The number of encounters with immigrants along the US-Mexico border made history again in May, reaching a staggering number of 239 thousand 416 encountersaccording to the latest available monthly statistics from the Customs and Border Patrol.

“The Biden administration will do nothing about it. They could stop this in this hour. They could stop him now. They don’t have the guts,” Shahan insisted.

In a statement to Fox News Digital, Abbott press secretary Renae Eze said that “all strategies are in place; Texas continues to step up efforts in the absence of the federal government.”

He explained that “while President Biden ignores the growing humanitarian crisisand members of Congress visit the border to get their picture taken and then return to Washington to do nothing, Texas has deployed thousands of Texas National Guard soldiers and Department of Public Safety troops and spent more than $4 billion dollars of Texas taxpayer money to secure our border, including building our own border wall, erecting strategic barriers, and sending significant resources to help our local partners, as mentioned repeatedly in the press conference from Brackettville,” Eze said in the statement.

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“This has given rise to more than 274,000 apprehensions of migrants, more than 16 thousand 900 arrests of criminalsincluding smugglers and human traffickers, more than 22,000 returns and millions of lethal doses of fentanyl seized.”

He denounced that “it is time for President Biden -and both parties in Congress- to do their job and secure our southern border. As the challenges at the border continue to mount, Texas will continue to take unprecedented additional steps to address those challenges caused by the Biden administration.”

Some of the officials who accused “encroachment” alleged that unprecedented irregular immigration has led to property damage, vehicle theft, gun violence and other problems stemming from migrants crossing into their counties, many of whom are desolate and sparsely populated.

“In my community, we have less than a thousand residents. Thousands of residents live every day in fear of invasion,” said Terrell County Judge Dale Lynn Carruthers, quoted by Fox News. “We do the best we can with a limited staff,” she added.

Others spoke of migrants crossing school campuses who, they said, put their lives in danger trying to flee from US Border Patrol agents and state and local authorities.

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Ken Cuccinellia former acting deputy secretary at the Department of Homeland Security, previously told Fox News Digital that the Texas counties’ move was significant and that he should now put more pressure on Abbott to make the declaration himself.

“The key here is that you have the first legal ruling that the southern border situation is an invasion,” he said. “That is obviously very significant and is going to put – as it should – put enormous pressure on Governor Abbott to take that position himself and respond accordingly.”

The Democrats accuse Abbott of worsening the situation at the border with his restrictions and the Republicans of causing a sorry situation by defending the Title 42which allows the express expulsion of asylum seekers, under the argument of the health emergency that the Covid-19 pandemic represents.

Last April, former Donald Trump administration officials asked Abbott to declare an “invasion” on the border with Mexico and give powers to the National Guard and state police to prevent the passage of migrants.

The governor threatened to declare such an invasion.

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