Texas. The trailer driver “didn’t know the air conditioning had stopped working”

The driver of a truck in which 53 migrants died due to heat in Texas He didn’t know the air conditioner had stopped working, according to court documents.

Homer Zamorano, 45, was found hiding near the truck Monday, authorities said. He is one of four people charged.

Zamorano and alleged co-conspirator Christian Martinez, 28, are accused of texting each other before and after the vehicle was found.

The San Antonio incident is the deadliest human trafficking case in recent US history. USA.


Several children found in the truck are still being treated at the hospital. The victims were from Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.

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The driver hid in a bush

Zamorano, who was found hiding in the bushes, initially tried to pose as one of the survivors, Mexican authorities explained.

But he was eventually arrested when surveillance photos showed him driving the truck past a US Border Patrol checkpoint in Laredo, Texas.

According to federal court documents, a confidential government informant who works for Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Texas police told officials that Zamorano and Martinez had spoken after the deaths were reported.

Martinez allegedly said: “The driver did not know that the air conditioning unit stopped working and that was the reason why the people died.”

new_project_40.jpgPhoto: Reuters/Homero Zamorano, 45, has been charged in the deaths of the 53 migrants in San Antonio.

The documents add that the informant and Martínez were several meters apart when the conversation took place.
Both suspects face the death penalty if convicted on the smuggling and conspiracy charges.

Two other men accused of involvement, Juan Claudio D’Luna-Méndez and Francisco D’Luna-Bilbao, have been charged with possession of firearms and being in the US illegally. Both are Mexican citizens.

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