Thalía gave her all, she fell asleep while recording her new material

Mexican artist Thalía is a hard-working woman who makes tireless efforts to always offer the public the best quality productions. Her extensive artistic career is full of palpable proof of this sacrifice and dedication, supporting the name she has made on a global scale.

A few days ago the singer and actress was announcing via Instagram that she is in one of the most exciting periods in the production of her new material, of which it is unknown so far if it is an album or just a song, but that it is anticipated by its community of fans.

During the afternoon of yesterday, June 19, Thalia posted a funny video on the entertainment platform where she is shown being caught in a little prank, because between takes she fell asleep sitting in front of the dressing table mirror. And she is not for less, because she has been experiencing some days of intense activity that surely left her completely exhausted.

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During the 30-second clip, the singer can be seen with her head in her hands, careful not to touch the elaborate hair and makeup work her stylists have done, letting her eyes begin to close heavily in opposition to all will. .

In his official account in the social network of the camera, Thalia has been recording the creative path that her new material has demanded, proving that her days start early and end very late at night, demanding enormous physical effort for the ‘Marimar’ actress.

Thalía gave her all, she fell asleep while recording her new material. Source: Instagram

Click here to see the video.

However, his work has not only been exclusively physical, since Thalia He has also had moments of intense emotional activity, even reaching tears inside the audio recording studio. He confessed this in the stories section on Instagram last week, increasing the curiosity of his followers.

In the description of this last Reel where she has been seen about to sleep, she wrote a funny caption about the moment, taking her little prank in which she was caught off guard with a great sense of humor.

You can’t even take a Coyotito because they’re on the lookout,” he said.

fans of Thalia They were quite amused by the scene, leaving comments with emojis laughing and making the occasional funny comment. “She’s beautiful even when she’s asleep”, “It’s always good to rest a little”, “What an ability to sleep like that”, “But, even when you’re asleep, you’re beautiful, my Thalissss”, “You need to take a little rest, you can see that these projects come with everything!”, could be read.

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