Thalía requests support from Ukrainians, but receives strong criticism for the appearance of her face


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He wanted to do a noble act by launching a call for help to world leaders to defend refugees. Nevertheless, Instagram users criticized Thalia for alleged changes in his face.

The Mexican uploaded a video on the social network to request support from Ukrainians who fled their country after the Russian invasion. Although many fans supported her proposal, others focused on the look of her face, specifically her plump lips.

Thalía can see that her face is swollenCould it be that something was done?” commented a woman.

Another person stated: “Don’t tell me that the ‘fillers’ have already been injected in the cheeks It looks like all of them. No, please, my Thalis.”

Someone said that he saw her smaller eyes and larger cheekbones. They even compared her to Lyn May: “My God, What happened to his face?!”.

There were those who referred to the singer as artificial and suggested that she stop injecting things into her face.

Days before making the video that has been played more than half a million times, Thalía shared within the same social network that she likes to undergo treatments to continue looking young and beautiful, but, apparently, her followers no longer liked the Outcome.

You went overboard with the botox“, “what did you put on your lips?”, “what did you do to your face? You were perfect, it’s not your face anymore “, were some of the cruel comments received by the Mexican actress who reached the age of 50 last August.

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