‘Thank you, I gave my word to Tuca’; Tito Villa sent America to fly

Emmanuel Villa was one of the greats revelations of the Liga MX a few years agoyes, well after a great role with Cruz Azulwas alleged for clubs like America or Tigerswhere as we well know, ended up playing for Tuca Ferretti after he passed through the ranks of Cougars. The anecdote of Tito with Ronaldinho.

On 2012 the Piojo Herrera approached Tito Villa to try to convince him play with America, for he had been following him closely; he knew that in Pumas he was not going to continue and he made him the promise that they would be champions very soon, a fact that was fulfilled 6 months later against Cruz Azul in the Clausura 2013, but he opted for Tigres.

The frustrated signing of Tito Villa with America

In conversation with the program ‘Tikitaka’, Tito Villa commented the difficult situation what happened with Blue Cross on your way out, then they did not reach an agreement, they refused to sell it to Tigres and instead went to Pumas, where things improved after a while.

At the end of 2012 his departure was a fact but he still had to decide who he was going to go with; the Tuca Ferretti called him first and ended up convincing him, because Villa had the illusion of trying new airs, so asked him to fix everything with the Pumas board and I would gladly go.

“Tigres did everything possible to sign me. Tuca calls me And he told me ‘Wow, do you want to come now? Now yes I have a good relationship with the people of Pumas, more if they are not using you, it can be made easier for us’. I told him ‘wey, well yes’, in the end it was where I wanted to play when I had no other left when I left Cruz Azul. He gave himself there and in a certain way I gave my word to Tuca, ”confessed Tito Villa.

The Argentinian account that in that same tournamentwhich would be the Apertura 2012, in the absence of a day Piojo Herrera initiates contact with him by a mutual friend, where he was looking for a partner for Chucho Benítez; she sought to convince him but he refused as Tuca beat them to it.

Piojo calls me And he told me ‘titus how are you, hey bastard I want you to come, I know that things are not easy I’ve been looking for you for a long time. It would not have been easy for you to come from Cruz Azul, but now it could be done’. I tell him ‘thanks Piojo but I already gave my word with Tigres’, He tells me, you know how he talks, ‘don’t go to Tigres, they’re not going to win anything, we’re going to be champions of everything’. I tell him ‘wey, I thank you, but I gave my word to Tuca’”, he recalled.

Titus Villa he doesn’t regret anything but yes he wonders what would have happened to have gone with him louse Herrera, well in that Clausura 2013 Cruz Azul and America reached the final and it could have been a very interesting reunion with his former team.

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