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THEY WANT IT DIFFERENT – Unveiled in early 2021, the third generation of the compact crossover Honda HR-V (arriving in Italian dealerships), is characterized by a stylistic language marked by minimalism. However, the Japanese house has decided to differentiate the style of the version for North America, as we can see from the official sketches on this page.

IN THE MOST GRITIOUS TOGETHER – The grille flush with the bodywork of “our” Honda HR-V, which if painted in the same color as the bodywork seems to be part of it, gives way to a more classic one, protruding and surrounded by larger headlights and a new fascia that stands out for the generous lower air intakes highlighted by showy black profiles (recall those present on the Civic). The other distinctive elements are the sculpted bonnet, where the two ribs converging towards the grille are evident, and the generous taillights that extend horizontally. Compared to the European variant, where the rear door handles are hidden on the window pillars, in this American variant the house has adopted a conventional configuration. Overall the appearance of the car appears more gritty, an approach clearly more suited to the tastes of Americans.

> Above the European HR-V: the differences with the American one (in the sketches above) are evident.

NOTHING HYBRID? – The technical specifications of the Honda HR-V for the USA, but it is easy to assume that it will mount the same engines as the Civic, with which it shares the platform. And that is the 4-cylinder 1.5 with 200 HP or the 4-cylinder 2.0 with 160 or 180 HP.

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