That is why they vetoed Ormeño, they uncover the fight between the Peruvian and Paunovic that broke the dressing room

The reason why Ormeño was removed from Chivas
The reason why Ormeño was removed from Chivas

The Mexican-Peruvian striker, Santiago Ormeño, was notified that he is not part of Paunovic’s plans, curiously enough just started the tournament, something that drew attention, since the attacker was part of the preseason and Paunovic used him repeatedly.

According to ESPN, striker Santiago Ormeño would have asked Paunovic why he was not used in the duel against Monterrey, where it is said that there was even screaming. In the end, the forward was notified that he did not enter into plans and Paunovic was upset by the attitude of the Mexican-Peruvian.

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In fact, in a press conference, after the match against San Luis, Paunovic acknowledged that there are committed players within his team and that they push themselves to the maximum to be in the eleven, because what is not negotiable is the lack of attitude. A comment between the lines for what happened with Ormeño.

What will be the new destiny of Santiago Ormeño?

According to the journalist David Medrano, the Peruvian striker would be Santiago Ormeño would be in the sights of Puebla and Juárez, teams that will have to negotiate with Chivas on the issue of salary, this because he has a high quota.

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