that’s it, come grab me now you can”


Leo Messi He gave his first interview as world champion. The captain of the Argentine team spoke to the radio UrbanaPlay and spoke about everything that lived in Qatar. He referred to the controversial celebration of him against Netherlandsthe suffering in the penalty shootout against France in the World Cup final and assures that he never saw that game again.

Messi’s letter after lifting the World Cup and remembers Maradona

goal accomplished

“From that day everything changed, luckily what we dreamed of so much, what I wanted throughout my career, and it came towards the end. The Cup is heavy, although there was a tremendous mess, with another Cup, but I didn’t care at all. I discussed it with the boys, everything I imagined was like that, what it was with the people, those feelings from my family… Incredible, unimaginable”.

“There were people who wanted Argentina to be champions to see me champion, since before the World Cup began, it was something inexplicable because I don’t remember something like that, that energy made us finally give it up.”

Messi kissing the World Cup that he won at the World Cup in Qatar with the Albiceleste.

How was the night before the final?

“The night before the final I slept very well. In the World Cup I was relaxed, I had a great tranquility. I didn’t have the anxiety of wanting the game to come, I knew how to handle it. After so much suffering, when I suffered with the national team, many disappointments, with lost finals, always close and never happening. I had received a lot of criticism of all colors and I know that my family suffered more than me. They always showed me that I was whole. Many things were said about me, outside of football, and that bothered me.”

He already won everything as a footballer

“A lot of things cross your mind and at the same time nothing, you’re gone, not being able to believe that we finally made it and it’s very difficult to explain what it feels like. It’s over, it’s over, I got everything with the national team, in my career, individually, it was closing my career in a unique way”.

Suffering in the penalty shootout

“Actually I don’t remember well, but I think he was talking to Cachete (Gonzalo Montiel) that he was going to kick, that he goal it, that he not make us suffer anymore. I think he was going there. Ask God, as it was throughout my life always in everything “

You gave the Cup a kiss before receiving it

“I saw her there and the Cup was calling me. She told me: ‘She’s done, come grab me now if you can touch her.’ She could already do all that. Apart from the fact that I saw that it was shining, she was startling in that beautiful stadium and I did not think about it ”.

Didn’t watch the final after

“I did not see the final again, I saw the videos, summaries, plays, many celebrations of the people, when we are champions, but the final itself I did not see it again.”

The controversial celebration against the Netherlands

“The Topo Gigio thing came out at the moment. He knew everything that had been said before the game, what he declared (Van Gaal). When all that ends, I don’t like what I did, the ‘Go there’, but they are moments of great tension and nervousness, and everything happens very quickly, you don’t have time to think about anything”.

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