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“Dear customer, from April 2022, Tim will start the progressive shutdown of the 3G network, which will be replaced by 4G and 5G technologies “. It is the message that is reaching the users who will soon be forced to change their cell phone. In fact, only three types of customers receive the alerts from Tim: those who have only a 3G phone and therefore very dated; those who have a first generation 4G smartphone (about 10 years ago); those who have a 128K sim (early 2000s).

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“Since your smartphone it does not support calls with new technologies – reads the message sent by Tim – in the absence of a 3G network, he will use the 2G network to make calls and send text messages, but he will no longer be able to surf the Internet on the 4G network at the same time. To make the most of the quality of the Tim network, we suggest you consider replacing your old smartphone “. In short, there are two options: change phones or go back to 2G, which was used in the 90s.

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The abandonment of 3G is necessary to make room for 4G and 5G which guarantee more speed, stability and advanced services. Among other things, this operation implemented now by Tim has already been done by Vodafone in 2021, while WindTre has not yet indicated when it will proceed with the shutdown of 3G.

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