that’s why they named Zendaya at trial


Zendaya is one of Hollywood’s best-known actresses to the point that her name came from the lawsuit of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. Know why.

Johnny Depp, Zendaya and Amber Heard©GettyJohnny Depp, Zendaya and Amber Heard

The lawsuit between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp It continues to be a trend. The actors entered a legal battle for defamation on April 11 that put them in the center of attention in the entertainment world. Of course, it’s worth noting that even though the showdown started now, the first request was from him in 2019 for a total of $50 million.

However, what led to the current trial is that, months after the trial for Johnny Depp one of Amber Heard for a total of $100 million. The reason ? : the same. The two filed libel suits against the other. However, this confrontation also included accusations of gender-based violence, shouting, abuse and various events that the two claimed to have experienced during their marriage.

In any case, now what is surprising is that during the trial they named personalities who, until now, had nothing to do with the case. Among them is Zendaya who was mentioned by the defense of Amber Heard. According to what the lawyers said the actress of Aquamanshe saw her career affected after the accusations she leveled against Depp and even those he leveled against her.

So much so that, according to the defense, if this had not happened, currently Amber could have been on the same level of fame as Zendaya. It was entertainment industry consultant Kathryn Arnold who made the claim in court after being hired by Heard’s team as an expert witness. And, according to what he testified, the campaign that was waged against the interpreter was completely damaging.
That is to say, from what Arnold said, the widespread negativity that was created online and allegedly fueled by Depp’s former agent, Adam Waldman, cost Heard a profit that could have be equal to that of Zendaya, Jason Momoa, Ana de Armas, Gal Gadot Yes Chris Pine. ” It can be very difficult to continue working with an actor or actress if there is a lot of negative social media“, said the specialist.

Moreover, when comparing the earnings of the aforementioned actors, Arnold assured that Amber heard“should have made between 45 and 50 million dollars since participating in Aquaman in 2018. In simpler terms, Heard’s defense wanted to show how damaging the trial was to his career since, with Johnny Depp The consequences of confrontation as a defense have also been demonstrated.

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