“That’s why you should never buy a Tesla”; warns owner after problems with the battery

Mario Zelaya, luxury car owner Tesla Model S warned Internet users and fans of the brand of Elon Musk of not buying an electric car of these due to the series of problems they present and the high additional costs that are required to cover after operating problems.

According to a accusation made on TikTok, The man was unable to access the interior of the car after it ran out of battery. Fixing access to the interior and the battery would cost more than $20,000, Tesla calculated after making a report.

In the video, with more than 15 million views, Zelaya said that your car ran out of batterywhich prevented him from entering, even to get the purchase and ownership documents he required to sell the vehicle.

“That’s why you should never buy a Tesla, people,” said the man, calling the car a “piece of garbage.”

Apparently, fixing the battery problem would cost him $20,000 more than the $140,000 he paid in 2013 because he had to buy a new battery.

The car required a replacement battery since the other supposedly was completely exhausted from traveling more than 77 thousand miles away. Tesla specifies in its sales contracts that the batteries are only made to withstand distances between 300,000 and 500,000 miles.

Zelaya complained about the charge they wanted to make him for the battery because he did not have the problem that they had told him. He made the initial report just to get support and get into his car.

Later, as he could, he took the car to an agency due to a warning he received about “high voltage” which would cause the Model S caught fire, and such an accident would not be covered by the warranty.

Receiving no help from TeslaMario took the car to the regulator Transport Canadawhere he was told that the battery had actually rusted because the A/C drain hose was sitting on top of the battery box and leaking water had spoiled it.

upermariozelaya My opinion: Tesla shut down my car over the air because my videos after refusing to pay for a new battery. #tesla #car original sound Mario Zelaya

In a video update, Zelaya said that he had sold the car, paying $30 to recover only the papers that were still inside the car and needed for the sale.

Apparently the battery problem would pass into the hands of the new owner that would claim the validity of the guarantee for factory problems.

“This is the end of my journey with Tesla. He is out of my life. Keep him out of yours,” Zelaya warned.

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