The 10 best action movies to watch on Prime Video


Prime Video has a pretty solid collection of action movies, which is a board and a hit for fans of the genre. After all, with so many productions, it’s really hard to decide what to watch, especially when all you want to do is switch off your mind and enjoy some explosions, some chases, and maybe a proxy brawl.

The good thing is that the platform has a large number of high quality movies, the ones that increase your adrenaline when you watch and make you want to imitate the adventures of the heroes – you just have to search hard to find these gems, depending on the good. algorithm, they end up hiding among bad suggestions.

So to help you save time and be as accurate as Bruce Willis when choosing what to watch, Canaltech Listed the best action movies to watch live streaming from Amazon.

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Some people don’t like Michael Bay’s directing style, much because of the show transformers – but there’s no denying that he knows how to make a good action movie when he puts aside giant robots and focuses on humans in more believable situations. And 13 hours: secret soldiers in Benghazi A good example of this.

Based on real events, the film tells the story of the terrorist attack on the US diplomatic complex in Benghazi, Libya, in 2012. Thus, a group of military personnel was deployed on the scene to rescue the customers and employees who were there, all over a 13 hour period, as the title suggests.

It was launched in 2016, Secret soldiers in Benghazi It was one of the films that helped bring actor John Krasinski into action cinema, taking from him the comic image he created in the series. the desk – And look at him as a skilled military man to see how well he handled this transformation.

It got so out of control in the film that Jason Statham started doing some crazy things to keep his adrenaline high (Photo: press release / Lions Portal Films)

Remember the classic full speedWhere the bus can’t stop due to a bomb that goes off if it stops? Now imagine the same concept replacing a car with a person. Well, that’s it adrenalineOne of the films that catapulted Proctorus Jason Statham to stardom.

In the film, Statham’s character receives a type of poison in his body that will kill him if his heart beats at a rate considered normal. So he needs to keep his adrenaline high all the time to stay alive – and the way he managed to do that is to chase whoever did it to him. The result is a first-rate fight without a minute of breathing space.

Amazon knows so well that motion cinema is so vital to Hollywood that it has made sure to order an exclusive offer to increase broadcast. And The war of tomorrow It’s one of those invasions. Conclusion on the popularity of Chris Pratt (from Guardians of the GalaxyWith a concept very similar to the Tom Cruise films, the film blends science fiction and wild action well to deliver a very interesting story.

In the plot, the soldiers of the future come to the present for help: humanity is losing the battle against the aliens in the year 2051 and needs more soldiers to ensure the safety of our planet. It is then that Pratt abandons his normal life and joins the army that will fight this war that has not yet happened.

In recent years there have been two names that have represented action cinema very well: fast and angry And the rock. And what happens when we join these two? Well, brucutu decided to take over the franchise and create a file Role Only in this way is he the protagonist and can hit whoever he wants. Could it be better?

Seriously, the story behind it Hobbs and Shaw Basically this is it. Dwayne Johnson starred in some of the films in the series, but decided it was his turn to shine between the big machines named Jason Statham and the two chasing Idris Elba, a genetically engineered international criminal. The result of this combination is so much adrenaline and testosterone that you get stronger just by looking at it all.

dred It’s one of those low-budget movies that appeared a little shyly in theaters, didn’t make a lot of noise, but everyone who saw it went crazy with the show on display. Based on the classic comic, the same book that inspired the film Judge DreddWritten by Sylvester Stallone – He doesn’t skimp on violence and still makes a great story.


The plot revolves around a violent futuristic city and Dredd is a responsible elite cop who needs to arrest a drug dealer hiding atop a building. So he basically needs to get to the top because people want to kill him step by step. Talking like this may sound silly, but it’s exciting.

Those who lived through the 1980s, the heyday of Brucutu action cinema, have always dreamed of seeing a film that grounded Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Jet Li and every other star of the genre. And that’s exactly what happened in 2010 with the franchise mercenaries.

The story is far from a masterpiece – a group of mercenaries must invade a republic in South America to overthrow their dictator – but the mere fact that we have this classic cast swapping blows and blows is worth it. And the sequel is even better, even if it’s not available in Prime Video.

Let’s be honest: nobody knows Back to the game With the title that was given to him here in Brazil, since everyone simply calls it the film John Wick. And this is indeed a name that deserves to be known and remembered, as the franchise starring Keanu Reeves was one of the biggest surprises in action cinema and achieved the feat of being a modern classic when everyone thought the style could no longer offer. nothing new.

The highlight here is the excellent action with the battles, which are well designed. Director Chad Stahelski has been a stuntman for a long time, so he knows better than anyone how to slap and make it realistic. So the whole fight John Wick It’s unbelievable, even if the reason for the breakup was to avenge your dog’s death.

Prime Video has an excellent catalog of oriental productions, focusing on the filmography of Bruce Lee, the legendary kung fu fighter and actor who continues to occupy our imaginations when it comes to martial arts. So, there’s no way to talk about an action movie without mentioning at least one action by this Chinese melee master.

NS The journey of the dragon It is one of his most famous works and Lee has only dealt with the Italian mafia. This puts him in the crosshairs of the criminals, who sent Chuck Norris to kill him. More classic than that, impossible.

One of the big surprises of the film is seeing Matt Damon still young (Image: press release / Universal Pictures)

French porn He was responsible for giving a good revival of spy films and even influenced the series 007 With a more agile pace and a champion who, in addition to being very good with the gun, is not afraid to get slapped when necessary.

The story revolves around a boy with no memory, played by Matt Damon, who tries to remember his identity. The problem is, when he gets close to the answers, people start wanting to kill him, the kind of mystery that makes any action movie great. The good news is that the entire trilogy is available on Prime Video, so you can watch them all at once with no worries.

There is no way to talk about action movies without mentioning one of the biggest and most important movies of its genre: finisher. Much of Schwarzenegger’s image as a Procuto stems from his role as a T-800 and is with Final verdict To reach the climax of a great science fiction story with all the adrenaline that this genre requires.

This is because the film has everything we want and need for a good feature film: a robot with a gun, an unstoppable liquid metal robot, sentences, an explosion, a shot, more gunfire and that sense of urgency that leaves sitting on the edge of the sofa eager to see what comes next. James Cameron has been a genius for a long time and Terminator 2 It makes it very clear.

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