The 10 best free apps to exercise at home and get in shape without taking off your pajamas

The mobile applications have established themselves as our best companions when it comes to making sportin the heat of the facility that they offer to create habits healthy and allow us to get in shape and achieve our fitness goals at any time and place, without having to leave housewhich makes it easier to overcome the laziness of putting on sports shoes.

According to the figures, online training is growing like foam. According to data from the ‘ACSMs Health & Fitness Journal’, from the American College of Sports Medicine, it was the trend number one worldwide in the sector fitness in 2021. And specifically in our country, app downloads in the sector ‘Health & Fitness’ increased by more than one 30%.

The paradigm shift is evident: the pocket trainer has come to stay. Now, sailing in a sea of videos of the most varied exercise can be very confusing, and not all platforms are just as useful or offer what we need. A good idea when you are beginner in this self-fitness thing is to “search for videos of short duration and low-medium intensity, because both physical and mental adaptation is needed and frustration does not favor loyalty to practice. You have to listen to your body and be clear about the starting point, the objectives and the time available per week”, points out Nieves Chisnall, founder of the wellness platform EPCO Wellness.

In terms of health, the experts of this platform recommend “carrying out both force (with weight, either dumbbells or your own body weight) as cardiovascular“. And to get in shape and fulfill the purpose of starting out in life fitnessroutines full body (full body), which “are very fun and also very effective despite their shorter duration, because they activate the entire Body and they solve in one fell swoop the need to train the force and the resistance“, they explain.

The best exercises to get in shape

The trainers on this platform ensure that when it comes to doing exercise At home, women tend to prefer to work on the most problematic areas: buttocks, hips Y abdomenfor which there are infinity of routines online. “The problem is how to organize so as not to overtrain, and not to leave the body unbalanced,” they add. His recommendation is to “include at least two routines full body throughout the week, this way you make sure to work the whole body in a harmonica. Afterwards, two or three days can be devoted to areas specific and combine that training with heart”.

The key of success when he trains at home he is in the constancythe variety and the break. The first thing you need to know to organize a good routine is how many days you can dedicate to your sports practice. “Ideally we should move every day: walking, walking up the stairs, dancing… And if the goal is to get in shape, the general guideline goes through train 3 or 4 days a week. Rest is also very important, because it is when the body repairs itself and the muscles develop,” explains chisnall.

How to get fit at home

To chisnall a typical day would start with a training session of High intensity (HIIT) of about 10-15 minutes, followed by a session of Vinyasa Yoga to stretch the whole body for half an hour that will conclude with a meditation 5 minutes to reflect on the day and relativize things. “After this valuable time that he gave me, I feel like new. I end up with a smile on my face and wanting to take on the world,” she says.

If it is about getting started, he recommends training 4 days with videos directed to different areas, so as not to crush one more than necessary, but with the idea of ​​working the whole body throughout the week. This would be the pattern: day 1, session of full body session; day 2, exercise routine for the upper body/core; day 3, work of lower bodyY
day 4, another session of full body.

And to find the right routines for our fitness level and the time we want to dedicate to sports, these are 10 of the best free apps. With all of them, you will have your personal trainer in your bag.



“The solution to the problems of overweight is not in running a marathon, but in doing exercise in an accessible way. Y walk is one of the best options,” says Yves Benchimol, CEO of WeWard, an app that encourages its users to walk by offering them rewards. Its experts recommend taking a daily walk of approximately 6,000 steps (4 km) to keep the body in shape. As an incentive, whoever does it gets points (wards) exchangeable for euros, which in turn favors trade and sightseeing local, because it is also reward to users who visit certain emblematic places in the cities.


For those who find in the lack of weather an excuse when doing sports, the ‘Seven’ app is a good option. This platform offers solo workouts seven minutes scientifically designed to offer maximum benefit in that short period. With these routines it is easy get in shape, lose weight or tone muscles in an express, simple and fun. You just have to mark a aim and they take care of the rest.

Zombies, Run!

Going for a run, with a plus. The app Zombies, Run! makes you spend some time running be much more fun since it plunges us into a city infected with zombies where we will have to comply missions and in which we will receive listening instructions to make our practice more entertaining. One more reason to wear sports shoes.

Oysho Training

Nothing encourages you to jump into exercise as much as launching a equipment chic that already makes us feel good from the start. And nothing to take advantage of the pull like the new Oysho Training sports app, with workouts for fitness, yoga Y running. It offers more than 300 sessions of different levels, programs between 10 and 45 minutes, challenges and “how to”, taught by trainers and for Mia, a 3D avatar that through augmented reality helps to improve technique. It also allows you to design a plan of training adapted to your own needs.

keep fit

With the Keep Fit app it is possible to create personalized training plans according to your own objectives: lose weight, get fit, build muscle, increase cardiovascular endurance, or reduce stress. Almost like having a personal fitness trainer – after a initial test to know your physical state, weight, age, etc., proposes a daily table and tailored-, is one of the apps that offers the greatest variety of workouts, from exercises from fat burning to strength training, HIIT, yoga or Pilates, with videos explaining each move. It has a counter calories to control the diet and offers rewards for the challenges achieved.

yoga for beginners

An exercise to tone the body and mind and an app that allows you to start in it to gain flexibilityimprove posture, define muscles and reduce stress and anxiety. With Yoga exercises for beginners you also lose weight and burn fat through different postures and specific asanas and also, their routines help to focus on oneself and to sleep better. All with videos and instructions to do them the right way. To get hooked, nothing better than his challenge of 30 days.

Adidas Runtastic

One of the most valued apps among those who go jogging, cycling or hiking. Runtastic allows you to have a personal trainer on mobile: use GPS to track your activities on the map and measure your progress: distance travelled, time spent, average speed, pace… even the calories burned in each session. It also offers plans and routines according to objectives, for example flat or fit stomach in 3 weeks, with different execution times so that this is not a problem. The information is saved in graphics so you can see how your training plan is progressing.

7M Women

Quick and effective. The training that the 7M Women app proposes are designed for those who don’t have a minute to lose. Very short but intense -from those that barely last 4 minutes to the longest, 20 minutes-, their routines are specifically designed for women and for a specific objective: weight loss, arms, buttocks, abdomen… They are training easy and without complications beginnersbut that make you sweat and with which you burn abdominal fat and lose weight in just 28 days.

30 day fitness

A month to get in shape and see concrete results, following a very visual calendar. This is what the 30 Day fitness app offers, with plans specific and concrete challenges that ensure that during that time both the body and lifestyle change. The routines begin with a preheatingfollowed by exercises specific depending on the different challenges: tone the whole body, cardio, arms, buttocks and legs, abdomen… And several can be followed at the same time, for example one full body to lose weight and another, shorter, that works the area that worries us.

Nike Training Club

Whatever energy you have, the Nike app will allow you progress and get in shape. Gives access to more than 200 sessions and programs training free specific classes, ranging from invigorating yoga classes to bodyweight and equipment sessions. Classes range from 5 to 50 minutes, so lack of time is not an excuse, and it offers an extensive library of videos for all types of levels and physical conditions. To motivate the laziest, a system of rewards awarded for achievements.

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