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This week we have witnessed the revenge of the exes. Shakira Y Miley Cyrus They have dedicated these days to leaving their past partners in a bad light but they are not the only ones who have dedicated their lyrics to heartbreak.

The time has come to empower yourself and let yourself be carried away by the music, those are the perfect songs to go from spite to empowerment.

1. Despechá – Rosalia

Yes, this is without a doubt the ideal song to dedicate to your ex in that moment of spite. In repeated interviews, rosalia has made it clear that this song is about a young woman who feels spiteful for an unrequited love, but without regret at all for what she has fought for.

rosalia sing “baby, don’t call me I’m busy, forgetting your troubles. I already decided that tonight he goes out with all my motomami, with all my gyales. And I’m spiteful, oah, crazy’. I came down with a new cash flow, baby, hack’”.

“May God keep me from returning to your la’o” The Spanish singer makes it clear that she does not want to see that ex who broke her heart again.

Although there are many ways to be angry, This theme expresses madness and freedom, no reservations or regrets you feel when you break up with your partner.

2. Tusa – Karol g and Nicki Minaj

This song has played everywhere since its release. Karol and Nicki Minaj They talk about a love break that disappointed them.

“That because a man paid her badly, she is tough and abuses. She got tired of being good, now she is the one who uses them, because a man paid her badly. He doesn’t look sentimental anymore. She says that for another man she doesn’t cry ”, are the lyrics that the singers release referring to love disappointment.

If you want another song by the Colombian singer that identifies more with the bad moment that your heart is going through, 200 Cups It is another perfect to spend spite with a lot of feeling.

3. Two-legged rat – Paquita la del barrio

This is a classic for that moment when you go from spite to hatred for that person who broke your heart. the theme of paquita It premiered in 2004 and since then it has been part of the playlist of all people who live a broken heart.

“Filthy rat, creeping animal, scum of life”, they all scream those lyrics when hatred for their ex consumes them. “Two-legged rat, I’m talking to you because a creeping bug. Even being the most cursed, compared to you he remains very small ”, he sings paquita with all the feeling, like all those who had to go through a broken heart.

4. Hawaii – Maluma

This topic deals with the relationship that the Colombian singer had with the Croatian model Natalia Barulich. They were together for two years and, supposedly, the model was unfaithful with the footballer Neymar Jr. with whom he spent a few days in Hawaii.

“Stop lying to yourself, the photo you uploaded with him saying that he was your heaven. Baby, I know you so well, I know it was to make me jealous. I won’t tell you who, but they saw you crying for me”, is the lyrics of this reggaeton that has been part of the spite of many people who have gone through a broken heart.

5. All too well – Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is the queen of spite songs. The American singer is known worldwide for dedicating lyrics to her ex-partners, but All Too Well She is one of those famous for everything she reveals about her relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal.

This song has an extended version of ten minutes, released last year along with the first short film directed by the same singer and is ideal for letting off steam from that relationship that hurt you.

Other songs by the American singer that talk about a broken heart and a breakup are Dear John that if the name has not given you a clue, it is about John Mayer, better than revenge to Joe Jonas either back to december who talks about the relationship he had with Taylor Lautner.

6. You stopped loving me – C. Tangana

“You stopped loving me when I needed you, when I needed it the most. You turned your back on me… When I loved you the most, the desire went away ”, she sings C. Tangana in the song that is rumored to be about his ex and Spanish singer, rosalia.

The singer has not directly clarified if the song is about her or not, but most say it is. You draw your conclusions after listening to it and dedicating it to that couple who stopped loving you.

7. Someone Like You – Adele

This song is about the ex of the famous English singer who made her happy for 18 months and then broke their hearts, but her fans thank her because it allowed her to create perfect songs to survive a heartbreak.

It doesn’t matter, I’ll find someone like you. I wish nothing but the best for you too. Don’t forget me, I beg you”, she sings Adele about his unknown ex.

8. Bam bam – Camila Cabello

camila cabello was with Shawn Mendes for two years and during this time, they were classified as the couple of hollywoodso when they finished many were sad.

But Camila He left us this perfect song to get over your ex, it will also make you dance and put evils aside. “Now, I’ve been out dancing with strangers, you could be dating, dammit, everything is changing so fast. That’s life, yeah”.

9. New rules -Dua Lipa

We all need to establish rules when we separate from that person we thought would be forever in our lives, so Dua Lipawrote New RulesFor herself.

“One: Don’t answer the phone you know he’s only calling you because he’s drunk and lonely. Two: don’t let him in, you will have to throw it out again. Three: don’t be her friendYou know you’re going to wake up in his bed in the morning. And if you’re under him, you won’t get over him”, follow these rules and you might just forget about that no-good-for-you ex.

10. Everyone is looking at me – Gloria Trevi

This classic could not be missing from this list, because it is Gloria Trevi He understood that after a love break, the best thing to do is to let your hair down and dress like a queen to show that person that you are fine.

And I let my hair down, I dressed as a queen, I put on heels, I painted myself and I was beautiful. And I walked to the door and I heard you scream at me but your chains can’t stop me anymore. And I looked at the night, it was no longer dark, it was made of sequins. And they all look at me, look at me, look at me”, if these lyrics don’t empower you, then I don’t know what will.

The song is inspired by a painful story of a homosexual friend of the Mexican singer who came out of the closet in front of his conservative family.

In FMDOS we create a list of the 10 ideal songs to dedicate to that ex who broke your heart and now you want him to feel just as bad, because women don’t cry, women bill.

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