The 10 unforgettable cars in the history of cinema

Cinema and automotive culture have an intimate relationship. There are cars that you will surely remember from your favorite movies. Today the premise is to review the 10 most endearing vehicles that played a role in the seventh art. Join us for this speedy plot below.

Cars on the big screen, ladies and gentlemen. The automotive industry and the cinema maintain a special relationship. In turn, they coincided in their exponential growth throughout the 20th century, countless are the moments that these two inventions have shared. Putting a model on stage works to describe a character or a context.

Yes Al Pacino didn’t drive one ferrari in “Essence of Woman”, the film would inevitably be another. The cars, even without being protagonists, are there, defining a particular era, a social class, a certain feeling of freedom when driving them. We understand that it is not “the same” Cadillac that a Aston-Martin.

Today we will delve into 10 cars that forever marked the cinema. The following list does not have an order, since #1 is not more than #10. And needless to say, it was an arduous task to leave out so many classics. But that’s what this life is about: choosing.

10. Ford Explorer, from jurassic-park (1993)

Ford Explorer from Jurassic Park.

What a way to kick off the list. Just the paint on the body of the explorer of Jurassic Park It takes us back to a moment in our life. This car, intended for tours given by visitors to the Park, is a classic off-roader from the factory Ford.

The classic science fiction film directed by steven spielberg, premiered in 1993 and was quickly appropriated by children -and not children- of the world. That great dystopian park, commanded by a somewhat naive grandfather, has remained in the imaginary. And more if we go through it in the colorful ford explorer factory-dated one year before the film’s premiere.

9. Chevrolet Impala, from Panic and Madness in Las Vegas (1998)

Chevrolet Impala, from Panic and Madness in Las Vegas.

With psychedelic and theatrical overtones, this great black comedy directed by Terry Gilliam and starring the talented Benicio del Toro and Johnny Deppneeded to have a motorized companion who is up to the task.

Depp and Del Toro found a relic of the North American industry in the middle of filming. It was nothing more and nothing less than the chevrolet impala. factory dating in 1971fully red and convertible, this car was the perfect support for the dizzying adventures of the protagonists.

8. Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640, from Dark Knight (2008)

Lamborghini Murciélago LP 640, from The Dark Knight.

Batman ladies and gentlemen. the car of BruceWayne was always a fetish point in the plots of the bat of Gotham city. Wayne’s mysterious gigolo profile has to be “represented” in his clothes, in his hairstyles and in his car.

And the Lamborghini Murcielago It fits perfectly with the concept of Wayne that Nolan wanted to bring to the big screen. This car has its appearance in two of the three films of the Nolan saga: “batmanbegins” Y “Dark Knight “. Undoubtedly, the game with the name of the car also contributed to the choice.

7. Lamborghini Miura, from The Italian Job (1969)

Lamborghini Miura, from The Italian Job.

Other Lamborghini enter the list. It is the famous Miuracomplete in orange, which stars “The Italian Job”. It is difficult to describe in words what caused this car, in theaters, when the movie was released in 1969. We could say a word: modernity.

Michael Cain he shined in his leading role and peter collinson with your address. The story goes that sales of Lamborghiniin the United Kingdom, had their first significant rise in the weeks after the release of “The Italian Job” On cinemas. Today, this film and the role of the Miuraare considered cult.

6. Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, from Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2003)

Lara Croft’s Jeep Wrangler Rubicon: Tomb Raider.

The second film in the saga of tomb Raiderstarring the versatile Angelina Joliecaused a sensation around the world. His adventures, based on the video game of the same name, required daring, speed and intelligence.

I couldn’t have chosen better company Lara Croft. This is your indestructible Jeep. The American factory created a Wrangler special for this film, with bodywork and tire modifications. Close your eyes and remember how cool it was Croft piloting his Jeepfighting evil.

5. Ferrari Mondial, from essence of woman (1992)

Ferrari Mondial, from Essence of a woman.

What a movie we have here. In 1992 premiered “Scent of a Woman” with the protagonist of Al Pacino and Chris O’Donnell and the address of Martin Brest. The paper of Al Pacinoof a retired army officer with blindness, is exquisite.

And when revisiting this film, we cannot stop thinking about the red of the Maranello’s house. The Ferrari World He had an almost leading role in this film. the avenues of New York, Al Pacino’s stubbornness and the sense of danger his performance generates; everything works in this recommendable film about desire, money and the purpose of a life.

4. Ford Mustang, from Bullitt (1968)

Bullitt’s Ford Mustang.

In 1968 it came to the big screen “Bullitt”. starring handsome steve mcqueen and directed by Peter Yachts, this film takes place between the corridors of politics and his always tense relationship with the local mafia. Anonymous instructions, not-so-great-looking hotels, and the justice of a gun: Bullitt built his epic there.

Now, this film has a protagonist in addition to mcqueen and it’s called Ford Mustang. Completely green, this loud and aggressive sports car mesmerized spectators around the globe. It is said that the best chase ever filmed is in this film and it lasts more than ten minutes through the streets of San Francisco.

3.Ford Thunderbird, from Thelma and Louise (1991)

Ford Thunderbird, by Thelma and Louise.

epic and beautiful Road Movie starring the talented Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis. The adventures of the two friends on the roads of USA they are in the collective unconscious of the history of cinema. The weariness of routine life, the feeling that “there is something more” and his escape: everything works like the first day of the premiere.

But how to escape? Of course a huge convertible. Its about Super cool ford thunderbird factory dated in 1971. This film is full of iconic scenes, but I want to keep one sensation: the thunder bird speeding down the empty highway, in the sun, kicking up dust and leaving it behind, far behind.

2- DMC DeLorean, from Return to the future (1985)

DMC DeLorean, from Back to the Future.

Stand up please. Go sci-fi emblem. Return to the future came to the cinema in 1985Marty, Emmett Brown and Lorraine are the characters that weave this ingenious and adventurous plot through time.

Nobody what this film would be without the success of production: to put in front of the camera the futuristic DeLorean, with gull wings and dated from the factory in 1982. Entirely in gray and “touched” by Doc Brown, this car can become… a time Machine. Brilliant, and forever in our hearts, the DeLorean of Return to the future.

1. Aston Martin DB5, from James Bond: Goldfinger (1964)

Aston Martin DB5, from James Bond: Goldfinger.

The elegance, sobriety and brilliance of the agent 007 you have to thank all the holy days of your life to the Aston Martin DB5. Holy mother, what a feat of British engineering. The DB5 It was released in 1963 and by 1964 it was the “bond car”, thanks to the film James Bond: Goldfinger.

The DB5 synthesized what a car can generate in the cinema. Faithful companion of the hero and decisive in his speed and handling of him, Aston-Martin gave the great blow to the seventh art with his DB5 rounded, sensual and complete in silver. Until next time, dear readers and lovers of film adventures.

Now I ask you, reader, which one do you prefer?

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