The 12 strokes of noon: Philippe Lellouche on the mysterious star? A remaining box, it will be revealed on Thursday (recap of clues)

“Les 12 coups de midi” of May 11, 2022, Marion’s 5th victory, more than one square on the mysterious star – The mysterious star has not yet been revealed in your daily TF1 game “Les 12 coups de midi”! You would think that she would fall today but Marion, who signs her 5th victory this Wednesday, stumbled on two questions from the Coup de Maître.


Suddenly, there remains a space on the mysterious star, which cleverly hides the face of the star to be discovered!

Capture TF1


Marion totals 10,800 euros in her personal kitty on the eve of winning – or not – the star. Today she came up with the name of British actor Hugh Grant!

But it is the photo of Philippe Lellouche. The London Underground thus refers to his play “The Call of London”, the journalist’s microphone and the transistor because he began his career on the airwaves of France Inter, the liner for the film “Welcome on board”, or the car wheel in reference to “Michel Vaillant”.


Recap of all the clues present on this star:

– the London Underground, the Tube
– make-up
– a journalist microphone
– a yellow transistor
– a liner
– a baby chair
– a wheel

Reminder of the names already proposed: Christian Jacques, Marc Bloch, Agatha Christie, President Nasser, Elisabeth II, Omar Sy, Lorànt Deutsch, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Christophe Lambert, Catherine Deneuve, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Nabilla, Francis Lalane, Sting, Antoine de Caunes, Nelson Monfort, Anne-Claire Coudray, Franck Dubosc, Leonardo DiCaprio, Cyril Hanouna, Prince Harry, Adele, Hugh Grant

The 12 noon shots video replay of Wednesday May 11, 2022

And if you couldn’t see today’s show, here’s the replay video.

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