The 15 Honduran soccer players who have belonged to the Alajuelense Sports League of Costa Rica


Throughout history the Alajuelense Sports Leagueone of the most iconic soccer clubs in Central America, has always been characterized by signing foreigners of a good level because the watchword, like all great and historic teams, is the championship at all costs.

In this eagerness to fight for titles, the Costa Rican club has brought to its ranks players of Honduran origin who, according to the institution, are profitable. They continue betting on it after the signing of striker Ángel Tejeda.

It was not until the 90’s when the catracho market opened up in Costa Rican soccer and specifically in that of the manudos, which at that time led to Juan Carlos Espinozaimportant player of olympia.

Espinoza was the first Honduran player to put on the red and black jersey of the Alajuelense Sports League. After that, other great exponents of catracho football paraded, such as Eugenio Dolmo Flores, Ciro Palic Castillo Y Nahaman Gonzalez, the three very loved in the environment of the ethical entity. They marked times and good times, that until 1997.

those of Alajuela they had forgotten about the catracho talent since it was not until 2006 when they returned to fishing in the national market, taking in that year emil martinezthe great star and reference of the marathon. He only spent half a year, lost the final and Chinese football knocked on his door, but always leaving good feelings.

Eight years passed until in 2014 Ramon Nunez broke into Costa Rican soil to sign with him alajuelensea player who incidentally has been one of those who performed the least, arriving with the flag of Honduras in her back.

After that, a flock of Hondurans arrived, standing out with the shirt of the second most important club in Costa Rica, just under the Saprissa. We talk about Carlos ‘Chino’ Discua, Jorge Claros, Roger Rojas, alex lopez, Luis Garrido, Henry Figueroa, Bryan Felix and now Angel Tejedaall in that order.

It is worth mentioning that 80% of the signing of catrachos is profitable for the hedgehog team, so much so that Roger Rojas he was champion scorer, Jerry Palacios gave them titles and scored one of the most important goals in the club’s history in the win over America in the Azteca, not to mention that the compatriot alex lopez he still belongs to the team and is vital.

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