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Reyko, the Catalan duo formed by Fátima Cardelús and Igor Fejzula, returns to the music scene with their new album Fancy. Since they began their career in music in 2015 after meeting in an Irish bar, they have released two studio albums with which they have consolidated six years of their career. Their elecropop drinks from an endless number of singers and genres that have inspired them in their own songs recognizable by a soft voice that whispers. To celebrate the release of his latest work, Reyko has prepared a commented list for EL PAÍS with the songs that have most motivated him on his journey with iconic artists in different languages ​​such as the Beatles or David Bowie, Carla Bruni or Antonio Vega.

Billie Eilish: Everything I Wanted

“We remember the first time we heard it. We were overjoyed, as we realized that if Billie Eilish is said to be the sound of the next decade, then our music is somehow in tune with our times. Especially for the whispery and intimate voice, homemade productions, mix of genres and everything composed, recorded and produced in her brother’s bedroom. Everything I Wanted He released it as a single between the first and second album, and we like it because it’s like a bridge between the two”.

Wet Leg: chaise longue

“We love the super light energy they give off and the swagger they have. What a pleasure that a band like Wet Leg is finally coming out! One of our favorite new outfits. Hopefully this wave will continue in the near future”.

Dry Cleaning: Scratchcard Lanyard

“Another new group that we discovered not so long ago. We really like that guitars are coming back into the equation and also that do-it-all, half-punk attitude that we identify with.”

Manu Chao: Je Ne t’Aime Plus

“We both have Manu Chao on a pedestal for a long time. We are very inspired by artists who mix styles, languages ​​and sounds. There are singers that listening to their music is like showing you their own life in a collage and there is no one who does that better than Manu Chao”.

beatles: Strawberry Fields Forever

“We are a bit embarrassed to talk about the Beatles. What can we say about them? For us it is going to ground zero of contemporary popular music. we choose Strawberry Fields Forever because what we have heard the most lately from his catalog is his most psychedelic and fanciful stage”.

David Bowie: Moonage Daydream

“Another artist that we are a little embarrassed to talk about. Although he is from several generations before ours, we keep him very much in mind and we listen to him a lot. In our study we have a poster of him looking at us, as if he were our teacher. If there is something that David Bowie teaches us, it is not to try to define ourselves according to ready-made labels and to follow our own instincts. Among so many songs that we could choose, we chose Moonage Daydream because we saw the first authorized documentary about him recently, which is named after the song, and we continue with the impressions. There has never been anyone more in love with life than him.”

Billy Holiday: all of Me

“Billie Holiday was the artist with whom we realized our musical tastes coincided. We put it on whenever we need to go back to square one of inspiration and fill the room with magic.”

Empire of the Sun: alive

“This Australian duo is also another one of the first groups we both met on. They have a very unique vibe, hard to describe, but we love it. Mix of indie, electronic, pop and glam. In addition, they have many great songs, such as alive”.

The Killers: All The Things That I’ve Done

“As great indie lovers, The Killers could not be missing, we are very fans. What captivates us most about this group is that, if you take away all the roll stadium, image, sound…, it keeps freaking us out. You are left with some great songs and some impressive melodies. All The Things That I’ve Done It is a clear example of this.”

Giulia and the Tellarini: Barcelona

“We spent a while when no song came out in Spanish, so we decided to delve into our respective subconscious to see if there was any song that was well rooted in our minds. Barcelona de Giulia y los Tellarini was the one that unblocked us and gave us back the inspiration to compose in Spanish. So thanks to them there are songs in Spanish on the new album”.

Anthony Vega: Titans fights

“For us Antonio Vega is one of the best Spanish composers of all time and Titans fights It is a clear example of this, it is a masterpiece. We should not be writing about it, but listening to it. It really strikes a chord with us every time we hear it.”

Carla Bruni: Quelqu’un m’a dit

“We are in love with French pop. We could do a separate article only mentioning French artists, although this time we are left with Quelqu’un m’a dit by Carla Bruni. She has a unique style, elegant and at the same time raw, something that we only dream of being able to borrow in our songs”.

King’s wool: Born to Die

“We consider Lana Del Rey as our mother in some way. She paved the way for us to express ourselves with soft melodies, without having to yell, or be angry, or make faces at each other. badass. Born to Die It’s an incredibly romantic, visual, and cinematic song, and we love it.”

Owonder: Technicolor Beat

“They were a huge inspiration to us when we started, mainly because they are a duo who started out by uploading one song a month on Soundcloud. We did something similar, in fact our very first songs are still on our account on the platform”.

Chvrches: Leave a Trace

“Chvrches is another group that was very important to us in our beginnings. More than their musical style, it is the general wave of the group that catches us. That honest, imperfect and raw style and, at the same time, elegant”.

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