The 20 best love series on Netflix for romantics

    Butterflies appear in our stomachs with the best love Netflix series perfect for the most romantic in the house. Oh, love… that feeling that is so difficult to explain and that is reflected on the face of those who feel it, that lifts us up and, on many occasions, draws us a goofy smile. Therefore, whether you are in love with life, with another person, with many at the same time, with yourself or with no one in particular (but you are one of those who does not give up a good story of passion), we are going to recommend the best titles on the platform. We want to see you with a happy heart and full of joy, something that you can also achieve with the best love movies of 2022 or by reading some of the most romantic phrases in cinema history.

    Precisely if you are loveyou can not miss the series Sees ita groundbreaking proposal under the seal of Judd Apatow (‘Virgin at 40’) that tells us about all those insecurities and doubts that arise when starting a new relationship. Do you also know what it has in common with other series on this list such as ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’, ‘The Bridgertons’, ‘Jane the Virgin’ or ‘Feel Good’? That all of them are some of the best romantic series in history. Maybe you raised your eyebrows a bit when you read ‘Feel Good’ because it doesn’t ring a bell, because you should know that it’s one of those series that has passed you by and you should recover it because this romantic gem starring Mae Martin and Charlotte Ritchie will make you suffer, yes, but it will also make you laugh out loud.

    If what you want is to enjoy a simple love story that allows you to run away from any hint of drama, ‘Emily in Paris’ and the friendly ‘A place to dream (Virgin River)’ (whose new season can be counted among the best series on Netflix in 2022) may be exactly what you’re looking for. You decide between the life of an ambitious young woman (Lily Collins) in the always romantic Paris or if you are seduced by the idea of ​​escaping away from the madding crowd of Los Angeles with the nurse Melinda “Mel” Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge) until you end up to a remote and charming place in Northern California. If, on the other hand, you feel like playing it safe, don’t miss ‘Master of None’, one of those very good award-winning Netflix series that you should see, the authentic manual on sentimental relationships of this century. Like the groundbreaking ‘El tiempo que te doy’, a fresh and realistic proposal that, without a doubt, has positioned itself as one of the best Spanish series in the history of TV and also, of course, one of the best Spanish series of Netflix throughout its history.

    And if, in addition, you feel that today your wildest side is beginning to emerge, take a look at ‘Easy’, one of those series that, like ‘Sex Education’, educated us about sex. Love, sex, polyamory, desire, Netflix series to watch as a couple like the fantastic ‘Outlander’, proposals to watch ‘Uncoupled’ or good Netflix teen series for young people like ‘Heartstopper’ and ‘Young Highnesses’. Come, love each other and enjoy this romantic and varied selection for all tastes.

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‘The cook from Castamar’

Adaptation of the novel of the same name by Fernando J. Múñez that recounts the forbidden romance and class struggle suffered by the young cook with agoraphobia Clara Belmonte (Michelle Jenner) and Diego (Roberto Enríquez), Duke of Castamar, in Madrid in the 18th century. And with Hugo Silva in the role of the manipulator Enrique de Arcona. ‘La cocinera de Castamar’ is one of the best period series on Netflix.

Despite the fact that she only has three seasons, she is one of the veterans on the list, which does not prevent her from being one of the most refreshing and original proposals of Netflix. In ‘Master of None’, a young man who lives in New York will try to carve out a future as an actor, while we witness his family relationship and, of course, also his sentimental life. The funny premise of it will make you feel identified with some of the moments and situations that. Season 3 of ‘Master of None’ goes beyond Aziz Ansari, its creator and main protagonist, reinvents itself and turns out to be quite a surprise as it travels new paths.

Love is a matter of two, right? Well, nothing of that. ‘You, me and her’, is the (necessary) series that addresses from humor the peculiarities of polyamory to which the marriage formed by Jack and Emma Trakarsky is dragged. The third in line is Izzy Silva, an escort girl who will rekindle the couple’s spark of love and, by the way, will be part of this relationship made up of three people. A romantic comedy that stands out for its originality and the chemistry between its protagonists.

‘Lovesick’ tells the story of Dylan (Johnny Flynn), a young man in love who, after being diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease, chlamydia, is recommended to notify the people with whom he has had relationships. From then on, and as ‘Nip/Tuck, a coup de scalpel’ did previously, one of the best medical series in the history of TV which, among its peculiarities, focused the importance of each chapter on the patient in question, a list of women and ex-lovers will be forming and giving names to the episodes.

Of course, its title does not fool anyone. In ‘Love’, a girl meets a boy and… they find out they have very different characters. But how love is a matter of chemistrysweet Gus (Paul Rust) and wacky Mickey (Gillian Jacobs) begin to discover in the process that maybe they are made for each other. Three seasons for a really funny series, without pretensions, and that navigates with ease in that antepenultimate wave of American comedy from Judd Apatow, its creator.


‘A place to dream (Virgin River)’

One of Netflix’s favorite series, which he has dazzled his followers thanks to his simplicity and that charming characteraway from all drama. Based on the novel by Robyn Carr and starring Martin Henderson and Alexandra Breckenridge, ‘A place to dream (Virgin River)’ shows that moving from Los Angeles to a bucolic place in Northern California to start from scratch is not always easy. If you have been left wanting more after its third season, calm down, ‘A place to dream’ is one of the series renewed in 2022.

Do you remember the problem of Netflix and the long chapters that go round and round about the same thing? And by the way, have you ever had a hard time forgetting your ex? Well, then attend to this premise and its breaking format: 10 episodes of just 13 minutes where our protagonist, Lina (an excellent Nadia from Santiago), tries to forget Nico (Álvaro Cervantes), an old love, with a curious method: to think one minute less about him every day in order to leave behind the painful past and move forward with his life. One of the best short miniseries for a marathon.

Autobiographical story of British comedian Mae Martin, who plays a version of herself with her various addictions and her relationship with George (Charlotte Ritchie), her new girlfriend who thought she was straight. ‘Feel Good’ is a faithful portrait of the insecurities and fears that arise in relationships once they have settled. Forget those first idyllic and perfect months in which everything is rosy and welcomes the daily problems, misunderstandings and mistakes of the couple. This is the real life. That’s why ‘Feel Good’ is the flawed Netflix romance you’re going to devour in a day.

The mother of all soap operas. Jane (Gina Rodriguez), a devout young woman who was raised in the traditional belief that coming into marriage a virgin is the right thing to do, discovers that she has, by mistake, been artificially inseminated by a gynecologist in low hours. Do you find it surprising? Well now comes the ‘twist’: the sperm belongs to Rafael, with whom Jane is secretly in love, and who owns the hotel where she works. ‘Jane the Virgin’ is the next evolutionary step of classic soap operas.

The strange and colorful cocktail with a little drama and a lot of comedy and musical make ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ one of those Netflix series that doesn’t look good but is quite good and that introduces us to Rachel Bloom, a successful lawyer who suffers from anxiety and depression and who decides to go to California to look for Josh, a summer love whom he lost track of more than ten years ago.

A fun, but also thoughtful series that covers no hot topics so necessary and worrying such as anxiety, stress, depression and the idealization of romantic love.

Like ‘El tiempo que te doy’, the Swedish ‘Amor y anarquía’ is one of those short series -at the moment, two seasons of eight thirty-minute episodes- to enjoy sitting down and watching the explosive chemical and flirting between the mature and married Sofie and the young computer scientist Max. Impossible not to imagine a national adaptation of this series with the title of ‘Love, anarchy and cold beer’. Worst translations of Spanish titles abroad (and vice versa) we have witnessed.

‘Heartstropper’ is, in addition to being one of the best LGTBIQ+ series on Netflix, one of those products with an impeccable bill that overflows with charisma and authenticity in its way of telling a story. If you enjoyed the relationship between Eric Effiong and Adam Groff, the two polar opposites of the essential ‘Sex Education’, you’re going to have an even better time with the teen romance and the deep emotional connection between Nick Nelson and Charlie Spring. One of the great series of 2022.

Are you a fan of the best series of the 90s? Can you get the nostalgia of this decade? Well, the Italian ‘Generation 56k’ is made for you. A romantic comedy in which two friends who met during their teenage years meet again
past 30 thanks to a dating app. They were once friends, will they be something more two decades later?

‘Generation 56k’ is one of the “covered” on the list, a pleasant surprise that moves freely between the 90s and today and that, as it says, shows that “love is a matter of connection”. Like the 56k of the modem, what memories.

Norwegian production in which Johanne, a nurse in her thirties, is constantly pressured by her family to introduce them to a boyfriend before she “runs over the rice” (the perfect example of television “in-law”, go). She fed up with this situation, she decides to lie and promise that she will take him home for Christmas. As you may have guessed, she begins the countdown to find a partner to introduce her entire family. Although plots and misunderstandings are the order of the day, in ‘Christmas at Home’ don’t expect the typical Christmas romantic comedy.

As you may have guessed from the photo, the most ‘hot’ proposal in the ranking. the freshness of ‘Easy’that recounts from different points of view all kinds of stories with sex as the central axis, make it one of the best erotic series on Netflix. Here you will find sunset marriages, couples open to threesomes, sexual tension and above all, originality and a great sense of humor. Among the cast of this anthology of stories about human nature you will find Orlando Bloom, Malin Akerman, Dave Franco, and Zazie Beetz.

Based on the successful literary saga by Diana Gabaldon, ‘Outlander’ adds to the genre the irresistible component of science fiction through time travel (It is no coincidence that the creator of this adaptation is Ronald D. Moore, the mind behind ‘Battlestar Galactica’, one of the best science fiction series in history) We will have to wait until 2023 to see season 7 of ‘Outlander ‘ and continue alongside Claire Randall (Caitriona Balfe), our favorite traveler.

A teen series reminds us of the importance and authenticity of first love. Imagine this with the palace messes of ‘The Crown’ (one of the best period series to travel to the past) in a hormonal journey of self-discovery through an LGTBIQ+ story between a member of the Swedish Royal Family and a commoner. Stop imagining and rediscover the intensity of that first time.

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