The 20 most important lots announced in the two years of the Covid emergency

From January 2020 to today, the 20 most important lots in the context of the Covid emergency have all been announced by the extraordinary commissioner. The one that shows the highest starting price (2.8 billion euros) was published last November and relates to the purchase of vaccine doses to be administered until June 2023. Two other batches banned for the purchase of vaccine doses, respectively 1.1 billion and 930 million. While in August 2020, 749 million were put out to tender for the purchase of masks. Among the most important lots we also find seats and desks for schools, the oral antiviral paxlovid, as well as a lot announced in April 2020 for the freight and logistics service.

The table shows the 20 lots with higher auction base amounts, announced for the purchase of goods or materials useful for combating the Covid-19 pandemic. The processing includes amounts of calls issued by all Italian public administrations, excluding those relating to framework agreements. The starting price of the auction is the price fixed at the publication of the lot. The types of supplies were developed starting from the CPV (Common Procurement Vocabulary) codes, a unique European code which each call is endowed with, and which is used to describe the type of good, service or service covered by the call.

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